When you've found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, choosing the right engagement ring feels like a monumental task. You want to select a ring that reflects the person you love and your admiration for them while honoring their jewelry preferences. Plus, you need to purchase an engagement ring that won't break your budget as you'll need every penny possible to put toward the wedding itself. Follow a few tips and tricks from those who have come before you to purchase the perfect engagement ring within a comfortable price point.

Know Their Preferences

Before you head to the jewelers, it's good to get an idea of what type of ring your partner finds most desirable. Since engagement rings are available in a variety of cuts and colors, you'll want to have some basic information to go off of before you start shopping. Does your partner like a traditional diamond or are they more of an emerald person? Do they like silver or gold for the band? Find creative ways to procure this information—possibly from friends and family members—to ensure you buy the ring of their dreams.

Once you know what type of ring to look for, it's time to start browsing the selection available at your local jeweler. To find the closest locations, type a basic phrase like "jewelers in Tucson" in your search engine, and start reading the reviews. You'll want to select a jeweler who is reliable and affordable. Work with the jewelers at the store to determine a realistic price point for the type of ring you want to buy and see what they have to offer. This allows you to check every requirement off your list while remaining realistic about what you can afford. Different styles cost different amounts, so you'll want to speak with a jeweler directly to ensure you have the right information.

Set Your Budget

The amount of money you spend on engagement rings depends on several key factors. The first of which is your current financial status. People will tell you that you need to spend at least three months' worth of salary on the engagement ring, but this seems outlandish for those with a limited income. On average, people spend at least $3,700 for an engagement ring though you aren't required to spend this much if you don't want to. That's why it's always best to work directly with a jeweler when setting your budget.

The jeweler tells you exactly how much the type of stone, cut, and band you want will cost and how to find creative ways to bring the price down while still getting what you want. An engagement ring is an investment piece, so you'll want to start saving months in advance. As soon as you know your partner is the one, start putting aside money every month to put toward the engagement ring.

Set the Scene

After you buy the engagement ring, it's time to plan your proposal. Create an atmosphere that feels true to both of you. Plan out what you want to say in advance so you aren't stumbling over your words when the big moment arrives. It's always a good idea to speak from the heart but it's helpful to have some specific points you want to cover in mind before you get down on one knee.

Select a location that's meaningful and adorn it with the right amount of flowers, lights, and decorations based on the type of mood you want to establish. Go with traditional Valentines flowers like red roses if you want to keep things elegant and classic. If your significant other typically likes tulips, carnations, or peonies for Valentine's Day and other special occasions, order those from the florist. Every detail of the proposal should reflect the person you love from the flowers to the music to the words you say.