Do remember the super convenient rubber sandals that you would slide on and off in high school when your parents would ask you to check the mail or take out the trash? You know, the ones your mom would never let you leave the house in or the oversized pair you wouldn’t be caught dead in?

Well, those slide shoes are now trending. Athletes and celebrities have discovered the super convenient sandal sending the once outcast shoe to the top of Google’s search results. It seems like every magazine these days has at least one paparazzi photo of the famous faces we love pairing slides with luxury clothing and accessories. But, how do women and the women in your life feel about them?

Of course, each woman has their own preference and opinions about the shoes that fit their lifestyle, but many women have found the convenient, slide on and off sandals very practical for day to day life. These sandals have evolved past the clunky neon-colored slides you may be familiar with. Adidas made the black slides very popular with student-athletes and the younger generations, but then luxury brands like Fendi and Gucci joined the slides game as well.

Now you can find slides in many colors, materials, and styles so don’t stop at one pair, grab yourself a few to mix and match with different outfits.

Those rubber slides are still great for quick errands, trips to the pool, or to slip into after an aerobics class, but you can also pair nude slides with jeans for a classy casual look, for PTA meetings, family picnics, and more. So, it’s safe to say women have very positive feelings about slide shoes and love to buy black slides for themselves, but how do they feel about their partner wearing them?

I think the stigma of a woman not liking slides shoes for her partner isn’t about the slides at all, but rather about the events an individual chooses to wear slides to. With so many more slide shoe options available, it’s easy to find a pair you and the wife love.

Instead of wearing your camo green slides to her sister’s baby shower, try a pair of black slides made out of leather material for a more refined look. These slides will make your wife happy, and will also give you the airy convenience that slides bring to the warmer months.

Overall, we believe people think a woman might have negative feelings towards slides because of the laid-back look they give off. In recent years, however, that’s what women have grown to love about slide shoes as well.

The previous stigma of women not liking slide shoes is well in the past. No matter what your fashion choices are we believe women just want to see that an effort was made.

Do not get rid of your classic rubber slides completely, but add a pair or two in different colors and styles so you can broaden your wardrobe. Not only will you love them, but the women in your life will love them as well!