The winters can be a real pain, not for you but your feet. The gentle breeze, snowflakes, cold weather, almost everything is better about winter until you venture outside. It doesn't matter how good of an immune system you have, if you are not dressed for the season, you will fall sick. And, it's not only about your dress but your shoes. 

Women shoes NZ needs to be fit for the season. A major reason behind this is one of the many ways cold can reach your body is through your feet. You don't want your feet to catch any cold, do you? So, what do you do, you wear a good pair of shoes. But not all women shoes NZ are made for the winter season. When the going gets tough, you need something tougher. 
If you are also browsing through various online sites looking to grab the best winter shoes, here is a comprehensive list that you should surely give a try. 

Saying that boots are protective would be a gross understatement. No better category of shoes will preserve your feet like boots. It is not only from today but for a long time, boots have always been used more as a protective layer for the feet and less as a fashion statement. It is only in recent times that boots got a revamp and made as one of the most fashionable footwear out there. So, if you want to feel truly insured you should go for a good pair of boots. Now, there are a ton of options of boots ranging from simple ankle boots to laced and knee-high boots to name a few. The most secure among all are the knee-high boots. 

Oxford shoes 
Oxford shoes are one of the best for professional women. They provide a good amount of comfort and protection in the winter season, both indoors and outdoors. You can wear them all day long without feeling any kind of discomfort. On top of the protection factor, they are also very classy-looking. They match up best with pants or professional attire. Additionally, you can rock them regardless of the season which makes it even better. In other words, you have got to have one of these in your wardrobe, no question asked, especially if you are a working woman. 

They resemble boots but are more comfortable than them. They are soft on the feet and look beautiful. You can rock these with a pair of tights, jeans, or even pants. They rise above your ankle which makes it a good companion during the winter season. If you indulge in works that demand a lot of walking around, no worries, you can wear Uggs and walk around as much as you want. You can wear them to a party or casually to your nearest mall for a shopping spree. They will protect you while keeping your fashion statement intact. Uggs come in varied designs and colors but the one that looks the best is black uggs. They are easier to combine with clothes and don't look very catchy. 

It's not the usual kind of wedges but the ones that resemble much closer to boots. Wedges, in a general sense, are much more casual wear with little protection during the wintertime. But, there is a separate category of wedges that looks more like boots but are more fashionable. You can rock these to a party, at work, or even we're them casually. They provide a good amount of height and don't cause the kind of pain that high heels or boots do in the long run. Wearing them is easy and so is removing them. If it's not winter, it doesn't matter. You can still quake them to your college or work around the year. 

Sneakers are not as much protection as a boot but they surely can be paired with a pair of warm socks. Sneakers are compact and the ones that come up to your ankle are even better during the winter season. They look much more modern and trendy as opposed to boots or wedges. The best part about sneakers is that you can rock them with almost all sorts of clothing. They have a thick soul so you don't need to be worried about the cold getting to you from under the shoes. In a simple sense, they are much better than flats or sandals. 

Which one would you choose as your winter companion? Let us know in the comments below.