No matter how old you get, nothing beats the joyful feeling of playing games with your grandmother in your childhood. The experience of unbridled happiness grows twofold when you think back to it at any time. But it especially holds true during the current era of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. 

Fortunately, you can recreate that childhood experience anytime you want. If you and your grandmother are sharing the same home during the COVID-19 outbreak, you can obtain a few games to enjoy them safely with your favorite grandparent. They also can be the perfect gifts for grandmas.

Interested to learn more? Here are three games that can bring some much-needed bonding time for you and your grandmother.

1. Try Your Hand at Boom Again 

If you are a pop culture aficionado and can’t get enough of old Hollywood or history, Boom Again might be the perfect crossroad for you and your grandma. 

As a pop culture trivia game that covers the period of 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, Boom Again covers the Baby Boomer territory quite effectively. As a result, it sparks an instant interest from anyone who lived through the historical developments of these times. 

While your grandmother may already have the edge over you due to her experience, you can still share your knowledge and learn more about the time when each of these trivia events happened. This provides you with the opportunity to bond with your grandmother while it lets her reminisce fondly about the days gone by. 

As a result, you are able to share fond memories from the past, while also creating new experiences that you may cherish in the future.

2. Get Back Into Monopoly

Almost every household in the U.S. has a Monopoly board and supplies stashed somewhere in their home. No matter if it is used throughout the year or only through the holidays, this particular board game remains a staple for many families and their respective get-togethers. 

You can revisit your own memories by breaking out the Monopoly board to play with your grandmother. With competition over properties, arguments over rent, and banter about your pretend cash flow, this makes for a fun time for the whole family. 

Just make sure that your arguments don’t get too serious and you don’t accuse each other of cheating at the game, since that can happen more often than not. As long as you steer clear of that possibility, you and your grandma can get the most out of this popular board game.

3. Play Some Card Games

As a child, many of us have the aspiration of playing cards around the table. As a teenager or an adult, you can finally get this adorable goal fulfilled by playing card games with your grandma.

From Solitaire to Hearts, you can effectively play various card games that are considered classics for multiple generations. No matter if you are playing for petty cash or fun, these games provide you with a ton of enjoyment against very little investment.

The problem with card games often arises in the form of their repetitiveness. But you can easily address it by switching between different types of games. For instance, if you are feeling bored by Go Fish, you can switch to something such as Crazy 8. This makes sure that you can keep your grandmother entertained during the current times, while also obtaining lots of joy from your shared experience.

By looking into these card games, you can help yourself, your grandmother, and your family gets through the tough times of COVID-19 quarantine or self-isolation. But even when this era is over, you can revisit these ideas in the future for some well-deserved bonding time.