12th Commerce Online Classes
Commerce is one of the best streams for students who want to pursue a career in the business sector. Commerce is the best option for the candidates who had an interest in the financial information, trading of economic value etc. 
In this article, you will get to know about the CBSE 12th Commerce subjects and the 12th Commerce Online Classes.

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Before starting Preparation it is necessary that you should know the detailed about the CBSE Class 12 Commerce subjects so that you can make a perfect strategy and score good marks in the exam.

CBSE 12th commerce subjects
The CBSE Class 12th subjects consist of Accountancy, business studies, Economics and Mathematics.

The accountancy subject is introduced to the class 12 CBSE students to develop and understanding about the recording of the different business transactions and the preparation of the financial statements.

Accountancy subject introduce the world of the business and strengthen the basic fundamentals of the accountancy subject.

The accountancy subject includes the syllabus of analysis of financial statements. Analysis of financial statement has two parts which consists of the financial statement analysis and the project work.

Financial state analysis includes two units which is an analysis of financial statements and cash flow statement.

The syllabus of the company accounts is divided into two parts which is computerized accounting and practical work. Computerized accounting is for 20 marks.

Practical work includes the Practical Examination, practical file and Viva which is for total 20 marks.

Business Studies
Business studies is introduced to the class 12 commerce students so that it will help them to analyse manage evaluate and respond to the various changes that happen in the business sector.

Students learn to manage the different operations and resources of the business.

The business studies are categorised into three parts which consist of the principles and functions of the Management Business, Finance and marketing and project work.

Part A consists of the principles and functions of the management which includes the nature and the significance of the management, principles of the management, business environment, planning, organising,staffing,directing and controlling. This part consists of 50 marks.

Part B includes Business Finance and marketing which consists of Financial management, financial markets, marketing management and consumer protection. This part is for a total of 20 marks.

Part C is a project work which is for a total of 20 marks.

Economics subject is introduced to the class 12 student which help them to understand the basic concept of Economics and development of economic reasoning.

The economic subject will provide opportunities for students to explore different economic issues in their daily life. It ill help to develop an understanding so that students can resolve the different economic issues.

The mathematics subject which student to develop an ability to solve different types of problem. It will helps students to learn to develop a positive attitude to think analyse logically and accurately.

Mathematics subject includes Relations and functions, algebra, calculus, vectors, Three-Dimensional geometry, linear programming and probability.