Electronics are one of those things we mainly buy due to a need. However, we can be easily tricked by manufacturers into spending more than we really should when we don’t watch out.

Smartphone makers produce new models every year so that they can condition us into thinking that it is time to replace the old one. But these gadgets can really last us so much longer than we might expect. If we take the iPhone as an example, which people flock to in droves whenever there is a new product, this period is usually just the small matter of one year.

As they say, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. There’s absolutely no need to spend further if the one you still have is in perfect working order.

In this article, we will share with you some tips to avoid splurging on devices.

Avoid the Latest

This is true even if you will be spending on this device for the very first time. Every brand’s most recent release is always the most expensive product in their line and each one signals a major price drop for older designs. This means that you’re still better off buying a model from a previous season.

Bide Your Time

The most expensive time to buy a new device is the moment you decide you want to own it. Instead of rushing to hand over your money, we recommend that you sleep on it first. And not just to reflect on the usefulness of owning this new thingamajig. There are arguably ‘best’ days to buy gadgets every year especially if you are not buying out of urgency. But if you can’t wait until late November, there are lots of other sale opportunities sprinkled throughout the year.

Buy Preloved

Gadgets can later be resold in the secondhand market. But like automobiles, their resale value significantly decreases the moment you drive them out the shop. Since lots of people do scramble to acquire the latest devices, this means that there are lots of people who decide to resell their slightly older ones. This presents you with a great opportunity to snatch up an old iPhone that might not even have a scratch yet. 

No to Extended Warranty

Just no. Promise. If you go for extended warranty each and every time you buy a new device, you are paying money unnecessarily. There is just the tiniest of chances that you will ever need extended warranty. If there truly is something wrong with your purchase, you will notice it well within the normal covered period. So just no, better to save it for that next trip you’re planning to give yourself. 

Don’t Forget Cashback

If you’ve bought a smartphone over the internet before, we’re sure that you’ve experienced the excitement this can bring, from the moment you add it to your cart until you’ve inputted the last number from your credit card. It can be easy to skip our due diligence and enter the coupons that will give us savings. If you decide to follow our advice and buy a gadget on the secondhand market, don’t forget your eBay cashback so that you can earn a percentage back from your purchase. It’s free money just for getting a new gadget!