Picking between vacuum cleaners can be tricky especially if you live in a large house. That’s why more often than not people rely on brands that have proven themselves in the industry. Here are some of the best vacuum brands you have to look at for large houses. 

Best Vacuum Brands for Large Houses

The best brands for vacuum should remove dirt easily even if it’s embedded deep into the carpet. They also have to be able to remove large and small debris from hard floorings like hardwood and tile. 

Whether Shark, Bissell, or Hoover, these brands are by far the most popular among all vacuum cleaner users and have established a reputation for their quality. They also have excellent ratings in categories such as:

Ease of removing the dust cup or bag
Ease of operating the vacuum’s controls
Additional features 

Note that these vacuum brands aren’t listed according to rankings. Each of them produces different vacuums that are excellent for specific types of cleaning situations. 


Shark competes against Bissell and Hoover (along with other brands) for the top spot for the best vacuum brands. Shark is a pioneer in small household appliances and cleaning solutions. It especially caters to people who have busy lifestyles and have not enough time to clean. 

Shark has carved out a significant market share in the houseware industry. They provide high quality and cutting edge vacuums that they continue to innovate. The company started out in Montreal, Canada, and has settled in Needham, Massachusetts ever since. 

What Makes Shark Great for Large Houses 

Like Bissell, Shark offers a wide variety of vacuums. They offer:

Robot vacuums
Corded stick vacuums
Upright vacuums
Cordless vacuums

You’ll never go wrong with Shark vacuums. They are high-quality and perform well in any condition. They also have a warranty for five years which is quite long for a home appliance.


Bissell has been in business for over 140 years. Since 1876, they’ve produced premium cleaning products and innovated them to make them clean a lot faster and more efficiently. 

They’re also a family-owned business which is an impressive feat for a company operating for more than a hundred years. Aside from vacuums, they also sell products like deep cleaners and cleaning solutions. 

They also involve themselves in the community and preserving the planet. They have made innovations to make their vacuums more energy efficient.

What Makes Bissell Great for Large Houses

Bissell offers a wide selection of vacuums from:

Robotic vacuums
Hand held vacuums
Canister vacuums
Cordless vacuums
Upright vacuum cleaners

We recommend going for the upright vacuum cleaners as they can do quick work in large areas. This makes them great for large houses. You can also go for cordless vacuums if you want to be able to clean hard to reach places in a large house.  

Bissell is also great for cleaning up after your pets fast and easy. Also, for every purchase you make, a portion goes to its foundation for saving homeless pets


Just like Bissell, Hoover has been in the business for more than 100 years. It’s one of the household icons and most trusted brands in America. Hoover started in 1907 by an inventor who worked nights as a janitor named Murray Spangler.

Hoover manufactures quality, high-performance vacuum cleaners for home and commercial settings. Hoover offers a wide variety of products for general and special-purpose vacuuming. 

What Makes Hoover Great for Large Houses

Hoover offers vacuums such as:

Upright vacuums
Cordless vacuums
Stick vacuums
Pet vacuums

They also have pet-friendly vacuums that easily cleans up after them. Hoover also makes some of the best mobile vacuums you can get which is perfect for cleaning all over a large house. 


These are the best vacuum brands for large houses. They have different features but all of them have quality vacuums that will work great for large houses.