Diet culture has completely changed people’s perception of fats and fatty acids. People are led to believe that cutting out these food groups can help in bettering your health or help reduce weight dramatically.

While this might be true in some circumstances, the deficiency of fats and fatty acids has led to lower immunity and regeneration rate amongst individuals with a restrictive diet. 

Therefore it is crucial to incorporate fatty acids in your diet, and you can do so by looking for best fatty acid supplements in your local pharmacy,

Here we’ve listed all the reasons why you should be taking fatty acid supplements and how they can help you better your health conditions significantly. 

1. Fight Depression and Anxiety

Fatty acid intake can help you exponentially in battling depression and anxiety. One of the most significant components in fatty acids is EPA. This part helps in combatting depressive and anxious state of mind effectively and removes the root of it. 

2. Improve Eye Health

DHA is a component of fatty acids that can be found within our eyes and the tissues inside the retina. Increase in fatty acid intake helps in increasing the production of DHA within the body, which presents degeneration of the muscle in those layers. This can help in preventing blindness or other visual impairments. 

3. Promote Brain Development During Pregnancy

Getting enough fatty acids is crucial for the development of your baby’s brain during pregnancy. Researches have shown that a deficiency of fatty acid intake can lead to several diseases. Therefore a balanced diet with fatty acids can help in promoting higher intelligence within your baby’s brain. 

4. Improve Heart Health

Fatty acids help in regulating the systems of your heart and improve the general health of it. Fatty acids have been verifiedto improve the risk factors for heart diseases such as blood pressure, inflammation, clots and so on. 

5. Can Fight Inflammation

Fatty acids, especially Omega-3s, help in reducing the chances of inflammation within your body. These acids help to calm down the body from within and assist in a better healing processfor your body. 

6. Can Fight Autoimmune Diseases

With autoimmune diseases, cell production and regeneration is key to maintaining your overall health. Fatty acids help in combatting conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis, etc. The fatty acids assist in the cell renewing process.

7. Improve Bone and Joint Health

Fatty acids help in reducing the overall risk of developing joint and bone conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and so on. The fatty acid components act to help strengthen the joint and better the state for ease in mobility. 

8. Good For Your Skin

Fatty acids are a superfood for your skin. From controlling oil production to significantly reducing signs of aging, fatty acids act to save your skin from going dull. The increase in intake will definitely result in glowing skin.

9. Alleviate Menstrual Pain

Period pain is absolute distress and takes away your precious time with the unbearable cramps for hours. While painkillers are one’s first choice, opting for fatty acids can help alleviate the pain much more than any medication. Thus including fatty acids within your diet can help to take away the pain effectively.
10. Improve Sleep

Fatty acids, specifically DHA, have been found to improve the quality of sleep by a margin. They can effectively lengthen the period of rest as well as the quality of it.


With all these reasons, there’s no argument left about why you shouldn’t be taking fatty acid supplements. So go and get yours now to treat your body inside and out.