If you are a Facebook user, you know that selling tee shirts online has become a popular pastime. The internet has made it very easy to design your own tee shirt. There are companies that have a warehouse full of tee shirts and a printer. When a person orders a tee shirt, the company prints the shirt and ships it to the person. 

Some of these companies allow people to not only order a shirt for themselves but to sell the shirt. Other companies will allow you to connect your own website to theirs and pay for the shirts as people order them. 

If you sell shirts via an online printing company, you will make a profit if you sell even one shirt as there is no investment required. However, you are not likely to get rich quick either. You are likely to have a lot of competition. An online t-shirt business will be the most profitable if you have a business plan.

Find Out What People Want 

Designing your shirt will take some time. Whenever you use Google to do research, you should go Incognito. If you do not, it will curtail your results to your personal search history. Sites such as Amazon will tell you what is trending at the moment. You can use the results to help figure out your design. 

Face masks are trending now and most of the companies that can print and ship t-shirts will also print and ship face masks. They are less expensive t-shirts and people actually need more of them.

There are a few basic kinds of shirts that will never go out of style. Astrological tees are always very popular. It is a good idea to put your T-shirt design up about 2 weeks before the time period associated with that sign. That way people can ask for it as a birthday present.

When you have decided on a tee shirt theme, you will want to design the shirt. For most print-on-demand companies, you can design your shirts online, since this fits their production and techniques better, such as dye sublimation printing. In order for the design to be symmetrical and easy to read, the print should be easy to read.

You do not want to overwhelm potential buyers with too many different shirt styles and color choices. It is best to offer a simple black shirt with white lettering. Black flatters every figure and hides dirt.

Design an Online Store

Now that you have designed your shirt, you will want to have a place to sell it. There are many website providers that can offer you a storefront template. You will have to pay for the fancier website designs but you can also get a free site. Some PODs will offer you assistance with building a site.

Starting a t-shirt business online will not make you a millionaire overnight or at all. However, it is a fun way to make some extra money and express yourself as well. If you are really successful, you may just see someone walking by wearing one of your designs.

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