As a man, you’ll need to do your best to understand women. Many men cannot comprehend what they’re saying and this creates problems for them in the long run. You have to know how to decipher what she is saying so you can understand the real meaning of her words. This will prove to be more difficult than you might imagine. Nevertheless, mastering this technique will make it much easier for you to seduce the woman of your dreams. So, how do you know what she is saying? You’ll find tips for reading your girlfriend below.

I Need Some Space

There is a chance that your girlfriend is going to ask for some space. You may believe that she wants to take a break but it could be more than that. When she says she needs space, she might want you to leave her alone permanently. There is a risk that she wants to break up with you. She might think you’re annoying. You might be able to remedy the problem before it is too late. To do that, you need to find out what is going on and why you’re annoying her.

Fix that issue and you may be able to save the relationship. If you want to keep her around, you may need to stop browsing Fuckbook.

I Am Not Interested In A Relationship Right Now

Unfortunately, you’ve hit a roadblock. While she might be interested in a relationship, she doesn’t want one with you. It is unfortunate but there is likely nothing you can do about it. She feels that she made a mistake dating you and she wants to squeeze out of that relationship immediately. It is time to accept the fact that the relationship is over. After you’ve binged on fast food and ice cream for a few days, you’ll be ready to play the field once again. Remember that there is plenty of fish in the sea.

I Need A Break

This can be very unfortunate. Sadly, your girlfriend is looking for a way to experiment with new boys. She wants a break so she can see if she can find any other guys. If things were going great, she wouldn’t need to take a break. She would be ready to move forward but she isn’t. You can do better. There is a reason she wants a break and you should let her have it. Pretend you don’t care. She may come crawling back to you when she finds out that you were the best. If not, you can find another woman.

We Should Be Friends

Ultimately, this is not good news for you. The sad truth is that your girlfriend thinks you’re no longer boyfriend material. Or, she might’ve met someone she thinks is better. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings so she is picking her words carefully. Sadly, it is time to move on. You likely won’t get her back at this point. Her relationship may breakdown and she might come back in a few years but it is highly unlikely. Move on and find someone who truly cares.