Intermittent Fasting
Scheduling the meal timing with circles of fasting and eating is called intermittent fasting.
It doesn't tell you what kind of food you have to eat but when to eat. Basic intermittent fasting techniques include every day 16-hour fasting.
Intermittent fasting does not kill you but prolongs your life.
Usually, people think fasting makes you feel dizzy and weak, but medically it has some mind-blowing benefits, which are discussed below. When you fast, a few things occur in your body on the cell and subatomic level. 

Repairing body Cells
At the point when you start fast, your cells start cell fix measures. This incorporates autophagy, where cells review and eliminate old and broken proteins that develop inside cells.

It also helps to improve insulin level, insulin affectability improves, and levels of insulin drop drastically. Lower insulin levels make put away muscle to fat ratio more available.
Improves Brain and Heart Health
According to the studies, IF improves brain and heart health as well. Intermittent fasting builds the cerebrum hormone BDNF and may help the development of new nerve cells. 

It might likewise secure against Alzheimer's illness, discontinuous fasting may diminish "terrible" LDL cholesterol, blood fatty substances, incendiary markers, glucose, and insulin opposition, all danger factors for coronary illness. 
Certified doctors are providing best and sustain a healthy diet techniques and formulas using intermittent fasting. Some of these are discussed below.

The most common and popular fasting plan using intermittent fasting is the 16/8 plan or technique. It simply means 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating. On the other hand, there are some 18/6 and 20/4 techniques that are also followed.

Weekly plan
In this plan, you have to eat for five days a week and do fasting for one to two days.
On the other hand, remember that the primary explanation behind its prosperity is that intermittent fasting urges you to eat few calories, as a rule. 

If you gorge and eat enormous sums during your eating periods, you may not lose weight whatsoever.
The Doctor of Rattinan Clinic 
The study of DR.Panot Yimcharoen gives the best answer to intermittent fasting prolongs your life, not kills you.
In his study, he talks about intermittent fasting techniques and the beginning, its benefits and how it helps to improve your health. 

Why it is too much popular?
DR.Panot Yimcharoen enlightened the intermittent fasting, according to his study during the hour of ingestion of food, the body has a higher measure of insulin. In this period, the body won't draw the energy that has been amassed, that is not consuming fat itself. 
When the stomach is empty, the quantity of insulin we drop is lower, making the body draw up the put away energy. Which is to consume fat, otherwise called ketosis, which permits the intermittent strategy to lessen fat.

When eating an ordinary supper, the body will have higher insulin, and it will draw energy from different sources. During fasting insulin is at lower level and the body draws energy from fat.

The study of DR.Panot Yimcharoen will give you the highest level of intermittent fasting tips and techniques, including 16/8 and weekly plans techniques. Study shows that intermittent fasting is a decent method to do it. If done right, limit the measure of time you eat to suit your way of life.