New Zealand is often described as one of the best countries in the world to work and live in. The country has a strong economy and welcomes skilled migrants, entrepreneurs and investors to take advantage of its diverse working opportunities from key industries such as IT, construction, finance, education, tourism and food service.

So, if you are looking to become a permanent resident or citizen of New Zealand or simply work in the country for holiday purposes, you will discover how to work and live in New Zealand with your family in this short article.

Why Live and Work in New Zealand?
New Zealand is well-known as an English-speaking country. Not only does New Zealand has one of the highest quality of life in the world, the country is also pragmatic when it comes to migration and welcoming skilled migrants.

Tuition fees are free (or heavily subsidised) for all students enrolled at a registered New Zealand educational institution. Monthly student allowances and part-time income, as well as housing assistance, are also available for you if you have children of school age.

New Zealand is named as one of the top eight places in the world to raise a family by CNN. So, you will enjoy working and living in New Zealand with your family.

How Can You Work in New Zealand?
Regardless of whether you have a job waiting for you or know some people who might help you get started; if you plan to come under the Skilled Migrant Category, the first step towards becoming a permanent resident of New Zealand is to be skilled.

Your skill holds the key to living and working in New Zealand. The government of New Zealand is seeking skilled applicants only.

To get started on the path to a new life in New Zealand, here’s what to do:
1. Find out if you qualify for a job offer (note that this process takes some time).
2. Gather your documents and complete the online visa application.
3. Book appointment for an interview.

How to Get Visa and Work Permit in New Zealand
New Zealand has a variety of visa options for you to work in New Zealand (see your options here: Regardless of your current situation, the country's Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) recommends that you start with the Skilled Migrant Visa, which grants you immediate entry to the nation. This visa type allows you to bring your family and does not require any job offers or sponsorship.

The visa is open to individuals who are seeking employment in New Zealand. As a Skilled Migrant Visa holder, you can be gainfully employed and earn an income to support yourself, while having the ability to reside and work in New Zealand for the duration of your work visa. There are requirements that must be met by both the employer and the applicant.

You must do the relevant health checks before applying for your visa. It is very important as it is the first step to becoming a New Zealand resident.

Use an Immigration Agency
An immigration agency can help you with your work permit applications, immigration advice, social security, starting a business in New Zealand, etc. They can recommend where to live, move your belongings there, coach you on how to settle in, or provide extra services after the fact.

To get the best service and results, make sure you contact only a licensed immigration adviser for the advice on how to apply for New Zealand visa and work permit, which will take months and cost several thousands of dollars.

Understand the Housing Market
You'll certainly need somewhere to call home. New Zealand has a good housing market, with homeownership levels high by international standards. Although there is a large number of rental properties available, New Zealand's housing market is very competitive and the availability of rental properties is low, especially in the more densely populated areas like Auckland.

New Zealand offers a wide range of housing options. Whether you're looking for a place to rent or invest, own, or buy-and-build, you'll find plenty of variety and choice.

Rents and mortgages are lower if you choose to live further away from our bigger cities like Auckland and Wellington. And there are several government schemes for first-home buyers, as well as ways to pay your rent or bond from overseas.

Get Health Insurance
Moving to NZ permanently is no small task and requires a great deal of research and planning. One of the more important details you’ll need to consider is health insurance.

All visa holders and their dependants visiting New Zealand must have appropriate health insurance, through either your existing policy or a temporary one. If you are a skilled migrant, the government will require you to enrol with an approved health insurer which may cost between $22-82 per week.

If you are moving your family or yourself long-term without private medical insurance, you may be eligible for government assistance in the form of a loan. In order to be eligible, you must have lived in NZ for an uninterrupted period of 2 years (36 months).

The government provides free healthcare to New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and those on a visa of two years or more. This includes subsidised doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and ambulance transport.

Can You Open a Bank Account in New Zealand?
Like any other country, New Zealand requires every person to have a resident visa or work permit before you can open an account.

As a Government policy, all New Zealand banks are required to open an account for any foreigner who has met the following conditions:

1. Can provide valid bank reference letters and documents from the recent 3 years
2. A permanent resident visa holder and have proof of income from recognised companies or employment.
3. Provide some identification and proof of address.

If you are smart, talented and hardworking, there is no better place to get ahead than New Zealand. In New Zealand, overseas talent is welcomed. If you can get yourself here, you have the opportunity to make a difference and gain success that’s not possible anywhere else in the world.