When you think about improving your health, what usually comes to mind? Some people think about seeing their doctor, getting medicines, or eating clean and starting an exercise routine. For other people, it’s about buying supplements, going on an organic diet, or cutting out dairy. 

While all of these things are definitely helpful, we fail to consider that the things we wear on our bodies have an impact on our health too. Did you know that buying the right shoes is an investment in good health? 

Research tells us that poor footwear can result in life-long health problems such as muscle soreness and back pains. These will affect our physical activity which is essential to any healthy lifestyle. 

How the Choose the Best Footwear

Now that you know that choosing the right shoes is an important part of staying healthy, you need to know how to shop for them. There are thousands of shoes in the market and you might end up wasting your money and compromising your health if you make the wrong purchase.

You wouldn’t want to risk having some painful condition 20 years later because you have apparently been wearing the wrong shoes all your life. So here are some easy tips you can follow to make sure you will buy the proper footwear.

1. Remember that support is more important than style.

Of course, fashion and style are important, but the support of your shoes should come first. So go for shoes that have shock absorption and a built-in arch.

Why are these important? Science tells us that using shoes without these features can lead to chronic pain in the heel and balls of our feet. In worse cases, people develop plantar fasciitis which happens when the heel tissue becomes irritated and inflamed. And you guessed it - this can get very painful. Prevention is much better than cure, so go for shoes that provide you maximum support.

2. Invest in high-quality shoes. 

People get thrown off at the idea of buying high-quality shoes because these can get expensive. But you are actually saving more money because a great pair of shoes will last longer, keeping you from shelling out money every two years because your cheap shoes already gave away. 

When you are buying new shoes, promos and discounts may be available and you don’t always have to buy at full price. A Carolina footwear coupon code would entitle you to discounts on your purchase which can save you lots of dollars. These promos pop up multiple times a year, so always check if a Carolina footwear coupon code is available in-store or on the website before buying your new, comfortable footwear. 

High quality shoes would have a good midsole to cushion your feet. This part should be thick and strong. Cushioning is essential if you plan to exercise or walk long distances (like to and from work).

3. Ask your doctor if you need orthotic insoles.

Custom shoe inserts are recommended for those who feel any discomfort on their feet. But these can also be used as preventive measures against knee pain, plantar fasciitis, muscle strain, or even back pain. 

This may be caused by genetics, bad exercise form, and uncomfortable footwear. Some professionals even recommend that people abstain from wearing high heels everyday because of the strain on our lower back.

Wearing the wrong footwear can result in isolated stress on our hips, knees, and the back. Custom orthotic insoles can fix some of these conditions and reduce their negative effects on our health. You may want to consult with your doctor if you wish to prevent these symptoms.

As you make your next shoe purchase, keep these tips in mind so you can improve your foot health and even your overall health!