Which furnace is right for you?

A reliable heating system is an invariable component of your home comfort. That is why you should pay special attention to choosing the right equipment. Now there is a massive range of furnaces from foreign and domestic manufacturers on sale. At the same time, it is not so easy to figure out which equipment is better. We will help you with this!

Before making such a big purchase, it is better to consult with HVAC specialists, study the numerous parameters, find out about the materials from which the heating equipment is made and make the right choice so that your unit will serve you faithfully for many years. So as not to make mistakes, we advise you to rent a furnace in Toronto. By renting heating equipment, you can assess whether the unit is suitable for long-term use and whether it meets your expectations. 

To navigate the various proposals and weed out inappropriate options, you should be guided by two main criteria: the equipment’s power and the type of fuel on which the device will operate. However, other equally important points should also be considered. 

Basic parameters of furnaces

Furnaces are different, but which heating equipment will be right for you? Next, we consider the basic parameters of furnaces and tell you what you should pay attention to. 


Electric furnaces are convenient to use: no chimney needed, easy to operate. They are absolutely safe, quiet and environmentally friendly. The only downside to electric boilers is the high electricity bills. In addition, in the event of power outages, you run the risk of being left in the winter without heating and hot water.

Oil furnaces run on diesel fuel. You should choose this type if you don’t have the option to use a gas or electric unit. They are not easy to maintain. Also, ash and soot are formed during operation.

Gas furnaces are more economical than liquid fuel and electric ones. Expensive condensing models have an efficiency of up to 97%, conventional non-volatile units - at least 87%. Such equipment needs to be serviced once a year. You just need to change or monitor the settings systematically.

Solid fuel furnaces use coal, wood, or coke for heating. Solid fuel furnaces should be bought only if there is no gas or electricity in your house. They are quite affordable, but they also require constant attention from the owner, as well as strict adherence to fire safety rules.

Furnace power

The search for an answer to how to choose a furnace should be continued with the selection of power. It corresponds to the amount of heat that the device emits per unit of time. The power is calculated in kilowatts (kW). The larger the area of the room, the higher the power value should be.

An important indicator is the power of the equipment. To calculate the power, take 1 kW per 10 square meters of insulated premises with a height of up to 3 meters. 


When choosing heating equipment, the price plays an important role. If we split all furnaces into conditional groups based on the price, then the following factors will affect it: quality, reliability, durability, comfort, profitability and functional features. For the production of a high-quality, durable device, manufacturers use quite expensive materials. A high-quality device does not break, has a low degree of wear and tear and lasts much longer than the manufacturer's stated warranty period.

Next, come additional parameters of the heating equipment. For example, the furnace can be placed on the wall (wall-mounted) or the floor (floor-standing). If you only need to heat your home, then you should opt for single-circuit equipment. If you want to provide your family with both heat and hot water, you will need a double-circuit unit.

The selection of a furnace is a complex process that requires a detailed analysis of your needs, location and energy supply. Remember that comfort and warmth in your home directly depend on the system you will choose, so don’t rush with making a choice. Advice from a professional specialist can be very useful for you, so do not hesitate to contact the HVAC services for detailed information.