There are multiple ways to show that you love yourself, your family, your friends, the animals around you, and everything. One of them is making provision for a safe water supply. Forget about the lies from your town municipal, chlorinated water does more harm to the body. Did I only mention chlorine? Water supply municipals also make use of heavy metals and other harmful chemicals to treat the water supplied to you. That is why almost everyone is installing a home water purifier. And as these purifiers are continuously at work, it makes sense to give the best maintenance and care possible to them. That is why I have taken the pain to share with you these 5 simple hacks to make your water purifier last longer. You’re welcome.

Change The Filters Regularly
There is no water purification without a filter as long as home water purifiers are concerned. The filter, being one of the most important components of your water purifier, should be replaced regularly. By regularly, it depends on the recommendation given by your purifier manufacturer. Also, the kind of replacement filters to be used should be checked in your manual or you can just call your manufacturer’s customer service or meet the retailer you bought the water treatment system from. For the best water filter replacement, get your gravity water filter here.

Fix Leakages And drips
Look it up online and you will find that mildew can cause almost a dozen sicknesses when ingested into the body system in one way or the other. And the fastest way mildews grow into your water is through cracks, leaks, and drips either in your filter or your plumbing network of pipes. Not only mildews but there is a high chance of moss formation in your water as long as your purifier is leaking. Endeavor to fix a routine maintenance service with your technician especially if you’re the busy type.

UV Lamp Replacement
The majority of modern water purifiers now come with UV lamps. In case you don’t know, a UV lamp is that blue light that comes built into your mini-refrigerator. That blue light is there to eliminate micro-organisms and germs in the water. Over time, the effectiveness of these UV lamps drops by 60%. And that is a whole lot of degradation which happens in just a year. Bottom line? Change your UV light every year or twice in a year, most preferably.

Pipe And RO Tank Sanitization
By and by, your pipes collect the bits of almost invisible dirt in your water. As this continues, it’s not only your pipe that gets clogged but your water filter gets clogged too. But if you could include RO tank and pipe sanitization in the contract signed with your water service technicians, you can save yourself money and headaches. Besides helping your purifier to last longer, adequate RO tank and pipe sanitization is a way to avoid waterborne diseases and sicknesses.