When it comes to buying pet accessories, of all the different kinds of pet we can keep at home, it is the puppy we spend more on than any other. If you choose to keep a bird, you buy a suitable cage, maybe a mirror and bell, and food supplements.

Cats are cats. They tend to do their own thing. A few plastic toys they can chase around the floor when little are appreciated, and a scratching post may help save chair and table legs.

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Dogs though, are a whole different ball-game. Puppies are like new babies. They get pampered, coddled, and cosseted with all manner of toys and accessories. Here are a few tips for new pet owners, if you’re considering adding a puppy to the family.

New puppy necessities

When it comes to kitting-out your new arrival, the cost can quickly escalate unless you’re careful. Luckily for your four-legged friend, there are some great deals to be had by online shopping, many available where you can use online coupons to save even more of your hard earned cash.

Non-tip bowls:

Whether your pup’s coming from a breeder, or a dog rescue center, getting the basics in during the weeks before his/her arrival, helps spread the overall cost, and increases the excitement. From day one your new arrival will need feeding and watering.

Stainless steel and ceramic bowls are recommended as they are easy to clean, but they will easily slip around a tiled kitchen floor. Heavy duty plastic bowls are also very popular, don’t make as much noise when pushed around, are available in a range of colors, and can be got with your pups name added.

Dog bed or travel crate

When choosing your pup’s bed, make sure whatever type you buy is large enough to comfortably accommodate your dog when it is adult size. Your dog’s bed may well be one of your most expensive purchases, so careful shopping online and the use of voucher codes could save you a considerable amount.

Plastic kidney shaped beds are still very popular, and probably the cheaper option. However, more people are going for the larger steel dog cage, similar to a shipping crate. These can double as a bed and secure accommodation in the early days when your pup is alone. They can also be lifted into the back of an estate car for those trips to the beach or countryside. Leave his blanket inside, and it won’t take long for your little one to get used to his bed/travelling crate, and he’ll happily settle down for those longer car journeys.

Bed comfort blanket

There are all sorts of pet bedding available online, and using a coupon code can help keep the cost down. The main points to consider are that it is comfortable for the pup, hygienic and easily washable. Make sure to get at least two, to allow for those night time accidents when you are puppy training. You can also consider adding a baby’s cot mattress, with the pet blanket over the top for a little extra comfort.

Collars and leads

When it comes to pet accessories, there are probably more different types of collars and leads than anything else. If your pup is very young, then a harness is probably the best option when he first begins to explore the big wide world. Collars, harnesses, and leads will obviously have to be changed as the dog grows, and the type you eventually stick with will depend on your dog’s size and temperament, how well trained he is, and whether you are happy with your chosen restraining device.

Poo bags

From your puppy’s first walk outside the garden, a pocket full of poo-bags are a necessity, if you don’t want the experience spoiled by a hefty fine for failing to clear up after your pup. Start by using your poo-bags in the garden, so it becomes second nature when you and your pup are out and about.

Grooming equipment

One of the often overlooked accessories is the grooming equipment. The type you choose will be dependent on the type of coat your dog has. Short haired varieties will molt regularly, and should be groomed at least weekly, if you don’t want dog hairs all over the house. Long haired, cocker-poodle and labradoodle varieties will need their coats detangling a couple of times a week, and a visit to the grooming parlor occasionally, will also be appreciated by all concerned.

A few more tips for new pet owners

A puppy is very much like a new baby, and requires its own set of inoculations against a variety of canine diseases, before it ventures into areas used by other dogs. It is your responsibility to ensure your pup has had its jabs, so make sure you get it in black and white from the breeder or rescue center. If it hasn’t been inoculated, make an appointment at your local vet.

Also, it is now a legal requirement in the UK to have your pup chipped before it is eight weeks old. It should be done by the breeder or rescue center. If you’re not sure, your local vet can run a scanner over it to confirm whether it has or hasn’t been chipped.

Your pet accessories won’t stop with these basic items. There will be squeaky toys, un-squeaky toys, balls, chews, treats, and foodstuffs. Click here to find out about the great deals available when regularly using a coupon code for pet shopping online.