The thought you are being judged by the clothes you wear is commonly believed, especially by women. Many also believe that a first impression is everything and that how a person dresses plays a major role in this conception. Dressing well, more often than not,  helps with one's self confidence.In addition, what you wear can help express your personality. 

For many, societal position also carries a great deal of weight when choosing what to wear. Picking out the right outfit can be an extremely important task, mostly for women. Even on casual days, they generally want to look their best. Not only look, but brand, more often than not, plays a major role in clothing choices for women. Vince is playing a major role in helping women obtain the look and confidence they are going for.

Vince Holding Corp. is a worldwide contemporary clothing line, comprising of three brands: Vince, Rebecca Taylor and Parker. Vince, set up in 2002, is a worldwide extravagance clothing and adornments brand most popular for creating casual attire, that is generally downplayed, into high quality clothing items. 

Vince is a brand valued at a billion dollars that has customers truly passionate. It is highly known for its social prestige and quality material. It is primarily for casual everyday wear offering items such as sweaters, cashmere hoodies, and  leather jackets. The first collection launched by Vince made its way into high-level department stores and netted orders in the amount of  $9.5 million. In addition, the company was successful in the IPO (Initial Public Offering) on the New York Stock Exchange. At that time the company was valued at $726 Million, but quickly turned into a billion-dollar brand in a surge on opening day making it the biggest IPO since Michael Kors.

Vince quickly changed the way women dressed with this high quality apparel and quickly added more items to the collection, including dresses, pants, scarves, hats, belts, shoes, and denim wear. In addition to supplying department stores, Vince also opened retail stores, like the one in the meatpacking district. Some of its appeal is the location, standing on a retired train track next to the recycled High Line park and offers the green spirit of refurbished landscapes. In addition, Vince launched a website and created a men’s clothing line which gave women other appeals to shopping for the brand. Vince has even hit the rental and lease markets with companies such as Rent the Runway and Gwynnie Bee.

Vince now has a market value of $1.25 billion and the company works diligently to keep up with the growth expected by Wall Street. This is made possible by their consistency to provide the quality product women have come to expect as well as keeping up with the expectations of the businesses to which they provide.

Vince continues with plans of growth in changing the way women dress. There is a great deal of room for expansion in the United States, but also in other countries. Currently, Vince sells to 48 countries, but this is only 10 percent of their business. Focus areas include, Western Europe, China, Hong Kong, and the Middle East. Because of the popularity of Middle Esatern tourists, Vince plans to expand in the Middle Eastern region. In another step toward expansion, Vince will soon open a showroom in Paris and has hired a European Wholesale director.

Vince is primed for continued growth and success and is expanding  quickly. The clothing line offers personality and confidence, especially for women. For anyone looking to stand out in high quality casual wear, Vince is the way to go.,