Deciding to propose your partner for marriage is a decision that is carefully thought over. It is a life changing decision for most people and therefore they want the moment to be a memorable one. In order to make the proposal a special one, it needn’t necessarily be a grand event. A private intimate proposal can also be made special. Whether you decide to throw a celebration party or get personal, the most important part is to be in love and on the same page with your partner. Here are a few tips to propose your partner for marriage in 2020.

Know your partner: When you are planning a proposal for your partner, make sure you are familiar with his/her likes and dislikes. Take a while to think about what interests your partner. If they are the adventurous kinds, you could take them kayaking and propose in the middle of the lake waters or perhaps during a hike in the forests. If they prefer privacy you could take them out on a date night or perhaps cook up a delicious dinner at home and propose while at it. You can also choose to take your partner to a place that is significant to both of you such as the place where you first met or first kissed and propose there.

Think twice before involving family and friends: While it’s great to plan a celebration and involve family friends in your proposal, you must be absolutely certain that your partner is comfortable among so many people and doesn’t feel pressurized when you pop the question. It’s always best to keep the proposal private and romantic so that even if your partner says no, at least it won’t feel as awkward as it would have with a group of people around.

It’s not necessary to propose with the ring: A lot of couples these days are opting to shop for the engagement ring together after popping the question. Therefore, it’s not absolutely necessary for you to have an engagement ring when you are asking for marriage. If you are not particularly sure of your partners taste or do not have any idea about buying engagement rings then its best to propose without a ring. There are numerous ways by which you can make your proposal special without involving a ring. You can write your proposal in chalk and display it as a street sign while you take your partner for a drive or indulge them in their favorite hobby or passion when you propose. However, if you want to propose with a ring, then do your research to find out your partners preference and head to the Hatton Garden Jewellers for buying the perfect engagement ring.

Handle the ring carefully: There have been many instances where people have lost or misplaced the ring due to silly reasons before going down on one knee. If you are planning a treasure hunt for your partner, don’t hide the ring in such a place where your partner can’t find it. If you’re proposing at the beach, make sure you’re at some distance from the waves. Don’t attempt to do silly things like tying the ring to a kite string or putting it on top of a sand castle built near the waves. You can choose to make your proposal fun but make sure your partner likes it and is comfortable with it. Also, buy the insurance for the engagement ring to cover for any mishaps that may happen.

Set the tone and ambience for your proposal: Whenever you decide to propose your partner for marriage, the two of you should be in love with each other. You must be conscious of the time and situation before you pop the question. Notice if your partner is happy or in good spirits and set up a romantic ambience during the proposal. If your partner has had a bad day at work or is stressed and overwhelmed with other things, then its best to postpone your proposal. Also, if you’ve had a fight with your partner or if something has occurred causing tensions then you should put off your proposal for another day.

Relish the moment with your partner: It’s quite easy to get caught up with planning the details of your proposal and making an effort to get everything right. But in the middle of all this you should enjoy the special moment with your partner in order to make your proposal memorable. Hence, it is always advisable to keep your proposal simple and savor the moment with your significant other as an engaged couple. You can always celebrate your engagement on a larger scale later with family and friends.

The most important thing during a marriage proposal is what the two of you feel for each other. Just be confident, shower lots of love and get ready to search for a beautiful beach wedding destination when your partner says yes.