Renting a vehicle when you are below 21 is costly, but it doesn’t mean you won’t find great deals. If you are smart, then you should do your homework and look out for companies who specialize in such unique rental conditions. Because you are not a random customer, the regulations would be more and fees would be higher. Here are some tips to save money while booking LA car rental under 21.

Do not pick luxury vehicles or trucks
The car you rent is as essential as your age when you talk about car rental. A lot of young drivers see car rental as an exciting change from their parent’s car or riding on public vehicles. That’s fine, but renting high-powered cars or luxury vehicles is going to be very costly for young drivers. 

Usually expensive vehicles require more insurance policies and car rental companies charge more to cover their prospective liability. Hence it is smart to book regular vehicles at normal prices. 

Do not ignore corporate and organization charges
If you work with a renowned company, make sure you check if they have a corporate account with a car rental company before you explore your options. Usually corporate account makes the car rental agencies treat every member equal, along with young drivers.   

Your insurance holds more importance than your age
Usually car rental companies take deeper interest in the car insurance policy of young drivers. If you are completely insured to drive in LA where you want to book a car, then it is will simpler for you to find a deal. You will also get a number of benefits with your credit card and insurance.  

Your payment mode affects your renting
If you own a major credit card with all perks and whistles, then you will easily find a car rental company to serve you. Debit card is also functional but you need to have a big balance at your end to cover all the prospective liabilities. If you don’t have a good credit, then you can rent a car through a cash deposit. However, it will make you pay more and you would also have to submit a lot of documents to rent a car. For LA car rental under 21, you should have a good insurance to get the best car hire deals.

Pick independent car rental companies for best deals
You will have an easier time if you are under 21 if you choose a regular car rental company who deals in unusual car rental regulations and conditions. There is plethora of car rental companies with flexible policies. So, it is advisable that you shop around and pick the one which suits your purpose best.

For LA car rental under 21, CARNGO is your one-stop solution. It offers flexible policies and alternative suggestions to traditional car rental policies. In no time you will have your booking confirmed. Get your car rental at cheap price with no hidden charges easily.