What are to prepare before moving from Japan to the UK? You have many reasons to leave your hometown to another country. It can be because of the job, education, following the spouse, and more. Sure, it is your decision and choice. In fact, moving to other countries indeed gives you many chances to develop. But you should also know that it is not an easy thing.

Japan and the UK are two countries that are completely different in terms of cultures, social-economy conditions, people’s habits, and more. So, you need to prepare so many things to make sure you can live in Queen Elizabeth’s country well. Undeniably, the UK is an astonishing country. Aside from being popular with its royal family, there are many wonderful things related to it. Well, they are Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Ancient Churches and Palace, the Beatles, and even One Direction. Some months before moving, you need to learn about some matters below.

English and Japanese are two different languages without any similarities. Starting from the letters, structures, pronunciations, and others, they are all different. If you have no idea about English at all, you need to take a course months or even a year before your moving schedule. You don’t need to be super fluent. But it is important to understand some basic conversations. While taking the course, it is better to choose one that enables you to learn about British English, not the American one.

Looking for a house abroad is not really a big deal now with the internet. To ease you more when living there particularly at the beginning, you should choose a house that is located not too far from your office or campus. It is great if you already have a family or friend there since they may help you. It is okay whether it will be a house or an apartment. More importantly, take a look at the details to meet your condition, whether you are single, with a partner, or with a family.

So, will you stay in the UK temporarily or permanently? If it is permanent, it is not bad to bring furniture and appliances along with you. This way, you should not buy new ones when you have been there. for moving furniture and appliances, it requires wooden crates. To save more money, you can create them yourself. 

Learning about Cultures
You must also prepare yourself for the culture of the UK. Many people suffer from cultural shocks and it just makes them unable to live in the new country any longer. Make sure to find information about English habits, manners, and more to enable you to adapt well.

Paying attention to legal regulations in the UK is essential. Those regulations must be different from yours in Japan. But you have no choice. So, you must process a visa from now to make sure you will live there well. The application of the visa can be done in the British Embassy in Japan anyway.