After months and months of uncertainty, people are now starting to regain an optimistic outlook on traveling. However, not all destinations have opened their doors to tourists, especially those coming from areas with high cases of COVID-19.

But that doesn't mean you can't take a break from your unorthodox but still busy schedule. So let me show you a few travel destinations that are safe for tourists.

1. Italy

Italy was one of the first countries to be plagued by the coronavirus after it moved from Wuhan, China. As a result, almost 40,000 people have already died, and up until now, this European country is still not COVID-free. However, some parts of Italy like the Amalfi Coast have taken precautions pretty seriously and are comparatively safer than the rest of the country. And did I mention that it boasts one of the most beautiful sunset views in Europe?

2. South Korea 

Just like Italy, South Korea was badly hit by the pandemic right from the very start. However, due to strict and stringent testing, tracing, and treatment efforts of the government and the community, it has become one of the safest tourist spots in the world right now.

But you might want to hold off on your “SoKo” trip because they’re pretty strict with the required 14-day quarantine period regardless of where you come from and how long you will be staying. So, you’ve been warned.

3. Thailand

Some travel agencies consider Thailand to be the safest destination in Southeast Asia because of how quickly they responded to contain the spread of the virus. Even the European Center for Disease Control thinks so because of its low case count and moderate population density.

The sad news is, international tourists are still prohibited to visit, while natives are even being incentivized by their government to go on a vacation!

4. Malaysia

Malaysia also boasts of an effective pandemic response after shutting off their borders back in March. But unlike Thailand, Malaysia has since opened its borders to international tourists. This means that the Petronas Towers, the country’s beautiful beaches, and the majestic Mount Kinabalu can now be visited once more.

However, should you choose to go, please do not forget to follow all safety and health protocols like wearing face masks and observing proper physical distancing on your trip.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland is considered to be the safest country to be in during this pandemic and fortunately, this beautiful country has finally decided to open its borders to several countries starting June 15. At first, it only accepted residents from European Union member countries, and eventually, it began accepting visitors from other countries without high cases of COVID-19. Because of this restriction, however, U.S. residents are still not allowed to go.

6. Consider traveling locally.

Now with several travel restrictions imposed to specific countries like America, the best and safest option for travel would be going to domestic destinations.

A recent survey has also found that this is already the prevailing travel option for many people worldwide. So don’t fret that you can’t visit the beautiful alps or pay homage to the Eiffel Tower just yet. I am willing to bet that you haven’t explored every hidden gem of your country and it’s now time to check them out!

However, if you don’t really have your own private car or RV for such a trip, you can still go on a family vacation via chartering a clean and safe private bus that will move you from one local destination to the next.

To be honest, no matter how protected you are, there is still a chance for you to catch COVID-19 if you travel. So the safest travel destination would always be to remain indoors in your own home. But for those of you who are itching to go places at this point in time, our only plea is that you strictly follow health protocols, not just for your own good, but for the benefit of other people who might get the virus because of your irresponsibility. Take care and stay safe.