Even though the lockdown is easing in the country, it might take some time before people gather for birthday parties. Despite some of your friends and family choosing to postpone their birthday parties, you can send them gifts on their special day. To cheer up your friends and relatives during this difficult time, here are ten gifts that will make them feel special.

Flower Delivery
Start by brightening their special day with a beautiful bouquet from Appleyard London. These stunning flowers send a good message and can go as a gift or a pick me up. Not only smell nice but are also beautiful, giving you a good mood to start your day.

Gourmet Brownies
Bad Brownie have amazingly gooey, fudgy and above all delicious chocolate brownies in various box sets. Get some indulgent gourmet brownies delivered to you or as a gift to a loved one!

A Food and Drink Treat Hamper
A food and drink gift hamper will suit the whole family, giving you a party starter kit. The entire family can enjoy a luxurious treat since the hamper comprises of food and drinks for all ages. Appreciate your whole family with this great gift on a special occasion like a family day.

Beauty Box
Gift your friend or relative a special beauty box subscription. Pamper those friends with this fantastic gift that will create beautiful memories on their special day.

Letterbox Wine
For wine lovers, this is the perfect gift on their big day. This unique wine is packaged in a flat bottle, making it fit perfectly in the letterbox. Gift your loved one with a whole bottle of wine and let them feel appreciated.

Bluetooth Karaoke Device with Lights
For those party lovers' friends, give them a karaoke party experience at home. A Bluetooth karaoke device will recreate party memories, especially with the magnificent lights. Have such an impressive machine delivered to them to remind them they are still treasured.

Garden Gifts
No time like on lockdown to sort out your garden. A garden gift is perfect for those garden lovers who want to utilize their outdoor space or to inspire those who aren't!.

A Craft Kit
Lockdown can be tedious. Gift your friend a fantastic craft kit to start that mindful project. For those friends who love knitting, get them a load of wool to allow them to be busy during the lockdown.

4-Set Flamingo Wine Glasses
Those friends who love a beautiful garden picnic, add more colour to their big day with this set of 4 wine glasses. These unique glasses with a flamingo design will give a loved one beautiful memories on a special day.

Final Word
Even under lockdown, appreciate your friends and family with these fantastic gifts to remind them that they are always in your mind. Brighten their day and help create memories with these creative and unique gift ideas. With a special unexpected gift, you definitely will put a smile on their face.