Once you invest in precious gemstone jewelry, you can turn it into a fashion statement with a few interesting twists and ideas. Gemstones carry unique charm and eclectic aura that can make any outfit stand out. You can transform any bland attire into a stunning appearance with the right style. 

By far, gemstone jewelry is the most versatile item you can add to your wardrobe. It brings elegance, class, and funk to your personality. Are you eager to try different ways for styling gemstone jewelry with your outfit? Let’s dig in.

1. Gemstones Can Make Your Day 
With the right blend of colored gemstones, you can change your personal brand and style. Different colors render various characteristics and personality traits. 

For example, red rubies are associated with power and enhance your confidence when matched with the right outfit. Green emeralds represent vitality and new start. So, when you are starting a new venture or need a boost of self-confidence, don your precious emerald jewelry to gain the success. Purple amethyst is the color of royalty while blue sapphire represents hope and love. 

Whatever outfit you choose, create a color theme by picking the right gemstone, and match it accordingly. Since each crystal carries its unique metaphysical properties, you can choose the right color theme based on your day. Wear a blue necklace when you want a calming effect on an outrageously stressing day or carry the dazzling yellow sapphire earrings for days that warrant a joyful beginning. 

2. Choose a Classic Piece
Any fashionable wardrobe needs one centerpiece with changing styles. You need to maintain a sense of continuity in your style without getting bland or stale. With the right gemstone jewelry, you can accomplish this purpose. It can be a stunning necklace, statement ring, or classy earrings that will make your personality shine through. 

At the same time, it should be understated to go with any outfit. Whether you are wearing a cocktail dress or a simple pair of denims with plain T-shirt, your singular statement jewelry will focus on your personality and let people associate with it. 

Or, you can choose one interesting piece and make the heads turn wherever you go. It can come with funky shapes, interesting settings, or unconventional colors to make your entire ensemble standout in the crowd. Whether you carry it every day or occasionally, this piece will make you look fabulous and bring in lots of compliments.

3. Match Plain Jewels with Bold Patterns
If wild prints and bold patterns are your style, complement them with plain stone jewelry. Loud or too ornate pieces can mar the beauty of busy prints or bold embellishments on your outfit. Wear solid earrings, bracelets, or pendants with such attire to let it stand out. Also, consider the fabric and stitching of your outfit when matching gemstone jewelry with it. 

Heavily ruffled or embellished fabrics look great with simple yet elegant jewelry. Anything above that will make your appearance tacky. Here, pearl jewelry can be your safest bet as it can make any outfit pop with subtle elegance. Pearls with colored gemstones create the perfect balance of delicate and pretty style. 

Match a simple pearl drop necklace with gemstone pendant on a gold chain on a sunny day when you wear your favorite sun dress. For office and formal meetings, pearl bracelets with a gemstone ring make an excellent statement. From your nice dinner nights to important business conferences, and first dates, gemstone jewelry with layered outfits will pave your way to gorgeousness.   

4. Coordinate within Jewelry
When buying a gemstone or stone jewelry, don’t forget to coordinate it with other jewels that you own. Even when matching this jewelry with your outfit, make sure that rest of your accessories complement the stone. For example, yellow and rose gold work for most of the gemstones but they can clash with cool gems like blue sapphire, aquamarine, and moonstone. 

You should strike a balance between cool and warm colors to coordinate your jewelry and outfit. Also, match it properly with other jewelry that you intend to wear. For example, if you have a blue sapphire necklace or ring, you can match it with blue topaz in a darker shade or turquoise for an all-blue style. 

Purple and green also complement each other and make a perfect combination for any occasion. You can match your purple amethyst jewelry with a green outfit or vice versa for a touch of elegance.

5. Match According to Your Skin Tone
The right jewelry doesn’t only complement your outfit, but highlights your skin tone too. Usually, silver is the most versatile metal to illuminate natural tones while gold works wonders for dark hair and matte skin. 

For cool skin tones, you can choose colored stones like opal, ruby, garnet, emerald, amethyst, tanzanite, topaz, and aquamarine. Warmer skin tones need cool shades of yellow diamonds, yellow sapphire, citrine, peridot, and morganite. Undoubtedly, diamond is for all skin tones and outfits. 

These are some fascinating and easy styles to match your Gemstone Jewelry with several outfits for any occasion. You can avoid fashion faux pas with a carefully selected gemstone accessory. A solitaire gemstone ring or a string of crystals can overturn any style and take it notches higher. 

Buying gemstone jewelry is a different ball game, though. Several online and offline sources offer a bevy of styles in crystal jewelry. Not all of them are equal. Hence, you should dig a bit deeper into the collection, return policies, add-ons, and reputation of a store before purchasing. Sellers like Gempundit can fit the bill with their strong market presence, unparalleled customer service, and quality assurance.