As people all over the world become more and more aware about how easily viruses can spread, wearing a face mask has become incredibly popular. In fact, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many countries all over the world have either had, or currently have mask mandates in place. 

While it was once only common to see people walking down the street wearing masks in countries like China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, it is now heavily common in Canada, France the U.K. and in countless other countries.

One of the more popular, and an affordable type of face mask that people wear these days is a surgical mask. Surgical masks offer great breathability as well as great protection. The only thing is that in order for surgical masks to really be protective, everyone has to wear it. If even one person who is infected with coronavirus doesn’t wear a mask, it could put everyone who is around them in danger.

Types of masks

The WHO (World Health Organization) has recommended that people practice wearing a face mask in order to protect themselves and the people around them. With that being said, there are many different types of masks for people to choose from. It is important to remember that the strength in protection usually correlates with an increase in price. 

The face masks that you will be choosing from to buy are typically  classified in four categories that are based on how much protection each face mask offers. Here are the different types of masks in descending order of protection.

- Level 3: The most commonly used surgical mask among healthcare workers, surgeons, and dentists. It is made to protect the wearer from the heaviest exposure to aerosol, spray, and fluid. It can resist 160 mmHg of fluid. 
- Level 2: This type is made with a barrier that can resist 120 mmHg of fluid that comes from light to moderate procedures where aerosol, fluids, and spraying might get in the air. 
- Level 1: The level 1 surgical mask can resist up to 80 mmHg of fluid and it comes with elastic ear loops so that you can fit them snugly to your face. These are masks that people wear in low-risk situations such as during a standard and non-invasive medical exam.
- Minimum protection: Made for healthcare workers who will do a quick exam or short procedure on a patient without using instruments that sprays, spreads fluid, or uses aerosol.

How do I wear a surgical mask?

Did you know that face masks are actually supposed to fit fairly loosely on your face? The truth is that many people who wear surgical masks do not know that they are meant to fit loosely, but that does not mean that the sides of the mask should be open. In fact, they should fit snugly to the sides of your face to make sure that no particles are getting in or out.

If you want your mask to fit your face perfectly, what you have to do first is place the ear loop behind your ears and then fit the mask over your face. Next, take your index and middle finger and pinch the wire over the bridge of your nose and pinch the wire to fit tightly over the bridge of your nose. 

Clasping the wire tightly over your nose helps to keep particles from entering through a gap there and will also keep your mask from fogging up your glasses if you are wearing any.

Where to buy surgical masks in Canada?

Wearing a surgical mask is incredibly important right now as countries all around the world fight to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. If you are looking for a new batch of masks to buy for you and your family, here are some sites to consider:


eBay is another great site that Canadians can use to get their face mask needs filled. People can find great deals on eBay that fit their budget. There are also lots of different styles of masks for sale on eBay, though some are more effective than others to be sure.

The only thing that you will want to make sure of is that you are purchasing from a seller that has great reviews and is only selling materials that are FDA approved.


Based in Montreal, Canada, this company is known for its ability to offer bulk PPE to hospitals and regular people throughout the country. It has a great professional reputation and prides itself on offering only FDA certified equipment. On top of that, Goltum’s factories are white listed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Goltum offers a huge array of face masks, including ones for adults and children. It also offers masks that you can strap behind your head so that you do not have to depend on ear loops, if those aggravate your ears after long use.

Goltum ships ordered items within 24 hours and offers free shipping for orders that are over $100. is a great Canadian company that provides all types of safety equipment that people can wear whether they are wanting to protect themselves in their work, at the grocery store, or anywhere in between. This great site offers surgical masks, N95 masks, face shields, disinfectants, hand sanitizer, nitrile glove, vinyl glove and eye care. All in all, they offer some fantastic protective material that you and your family can feel safe while wearing.

Clinical Supplies Canada

Clinical Supplies Canada is known for providing the highest quality masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers. You can purchase FDA approved surgical masks, as well as KN95 masks. 

Clinical Supplies Canada carries disposable surgical masks that come with three layers of filtration to offer the best protection. They are also able to ship in bulk and have quick shipping timeframes.


It shouldn’t come as much of a shock that Amazon is on this list. With tones of different types of options in terms of both style and protectivity, there is no doubt that you will be able to find a mask that fits (both literally and metaphorically) your face mask needs.