It is falsely believed that power surges happen outside your home when the lightning strikes and damages the transformer. Even though these events are common during thunder or rain storms and may, in some cases, lead to unwarranted power surges, usually, most power surges come from within the house. It is the on-off cycle of large appliances that cause surges in your home’s electrical mechanism, damaging your TVs and other sensitive equipment in the process. 

Power surges are not that easy to spot because as they happen within seconds. You may notice your light flicker, indicating a disruption in the power supply. These little spikes in your home’s electrical wiring and current supply can cause extensive damage. This is why a whole house surge protector is required to prevent damages from external threats such as electrical storms and indoor power surges. 

Let us see what whole home surge protector means and how it helps in protecting your home. 

What Is Whole Home Surge Protector?

As the name indicates, a surge protector is a protection device that comes equipped with a filter that allows safe electrical currents to flow in and prevent irregular voltage from damaging your electrical appliances. 

It is helpful in the sense that it acts as your first line of defense against unanticipated voltage surges. When you install a whole house surge protector, you can contain voltage fluxes and protect your electrical equipment from getting damaged. 

How Does A Surge Protector Help?
Now that you know the basics of a surge protector, we can take a look at how it protects your home against electrical spikes. 

When you install a surge protector, it helps protect your circuit boards on your electronic appliances such as HVAC, dishwashers, computers , fridge, and a plethora of other electrical devices. It will also handle any potential electrical surges from electrical equipment cycling on and off. 

Since nearly all the houses are connected to an electrical grid, the surge caused by lightning can spread through the utility lines and damage all the appliances. Therefore, surge protectors are sometimes also installed to tackle lightning strikes. 

Benefits Of Whole House Surge Protection

Here are some of the reasons why you should explore options for whole house surge protection for your home: 

1. Modern Technology

Households these days are equipped with expensive electrical equipment that are powered by circuit boards. Since these boards are sensitive to an electrical surge, it is advised to safeguard your appliances by installing whole house surge protection. 
2. Most Surges Happen From Within The House

Not many people know this, but at least 80% surges come from home’s internal appliances. These power surges are so fleeting that they are hard to spot and act in time. While these short surges do not cause any significant damage, they can impact its performance over time and shorten the lifecycle of your appliances.
3. Provision Of A Layered System

If your home has an elaborate setup of expensive electronics and home entertainment system, then you can talk to a professional about providing you with a layered whole house surge protection. A layered system is connected directly to an electrical panel and works as a perfect solution for a shared circuit.

4. Complete Protection For Your Electrical Systems

A whole house surge protector protects not only your home appliances but also its complete electrical systems. When a short burst of surge initiates from a home appliance on a dedicated circuit, it sends the surge back through the breaker panel, where it is pushed back, defending all the other appliances in your home.  

Assuming that you had never installed a whole house surge protector, you must be prepared to invest as the installation can only be carried out by a trained professional. Nevertheless, a surge protector is well worth your investment as it protects all your electrical appliances securely, reliably, and for a long time, ensuring an increased appliance lifespan. 

Since most electrical devices are equipped with microprocessors, even the smallest power surge can ruin them altogether. Hence, don’t be reluctant to contact an electrical professional to discuss the possibility of opting for whole house surge protectors. It is important to note that a surge protector must only be installed by a certified technician who has the proper knowledge and tools to carry out the task.