Since the onset of the global pandemic, many people have taken advantage of their extra time at home to indulge in skincare. Some people are testing out new products to determine which combinations of serums, formulas, or masks will help them obtain the idyllic, smooth skin. 

Others are taking the opportunity to indulge in skincare practices a little more regularly than they would under normal circumstances. A few unlucky individuals may be seeking skincare guidance to deal with “mascne” – a new term used to describe acne that can develop due to wearing a mask. But, according to aestheticians and dermatologists, the best skincare is preventative skincare. 

Simultaneously, many people across the country have been trying to find opportunities to escape the outdoors. And, after spending many weeks in near-isolation, it is difficult to blame them. In normal years, summertime would be busy with activities taking place outdoors: backyard BBQs, happy hour margaritas on bar patios, beach days with plenty of swimming, and more. And, although SPF-heavy sunscreen can mitigate some of the skin damage caused by the sun’s rays, it is even better to avoid standing in the sun at all. Some people choose to slather sun screen while others don long-sleeve, UV-blocking shirts. The smartest among us are those that find ways to be outdoors while simultaneously avoiding long-term sun damage. 

One way to avoid long-term sun damage is to find shaded areas. Not only do shaded areas offer protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but it can also help decrease the chance of heatstroke and the side effects of dehydration. Some folks can find reprieve from the sun by planting trees in their backyard – but not everyone has the space or the time to grow the kind of tree that could provide adequate shade for one person. Rest assured that there are alternatives – one that don’t require hiding indoors at all times! One of these alternatives is an awning, also known as a patio cover. 

If you are looking to see the different types of patio covers, you can check out this link for inspiration for your outdoor patio cover ideas. One of the main draws of a patio cover is that it merges aesthetic and design with utility and function. Consider a patio cover – or any kind of sun protection – as yet another form of self-care that benefits your skin. It is the least you can do after eight months of seemingly never-ending stress. Whether you are spending your time outside filming TikToks, working remotely on another project, or you can taking online courses to help obtain new certifications, you can and should make time to prioritize your health, including your skincare. After all, when the risk associated with the virus decreases and the fear of going about our daily lives subsides, at least you’ll have some beautiful, sun-damage-free skin to show for it!