The pants, which were previously considered a piece of the wardrobe exclusively aimed at men, have won the hearts of women thanks to their comfort and versatility. If you choose them properly, they will not deprive you of your femininity, on the contrary, they will emphasize your advantages and hide your imperfections. When selecting the matching sets, be guided not only by fashion trends, but also by the peculiarities of your figure.

We want to share with you the recommendations of stylists when choosing women's pants. Before buying this important garment for your wardrobe, you should learn a series of general tips and determine what your figure type is.

General recommendations

Pants should fit you well, without causing unusual lumps on the knees. In addition, there should be no folds or wrinkles, both in the groin area and in the back. When trying them on, you should make sure that you feel comfortable when walking, also when bending over and squatting while wearing them.

If the welt pockets are at the back, they should be located in the most prominent area of the buttocks. This will beautifully emphasize the curves of your hips.

If the contours of your underwear are visible, or if the pants are too close to your groin or between your buttocks, they are too small for you. Try to pinch at least one centimeter of fabric around the hips. If you can't do it, those pants are too tight for you.

Consider what shoes you are going to wear them with. The rule of thumb for classic straight pants is that the length should be mid-heel, while with flat-soled shoes you will need pants that are one to two centimeters above the ground. Another important rule: the wider the legs, the longer they should be. That is, flared pants and palazzo pants are chosen in such a way that the shoes are almost completely covered. But those with the cut tapered down, on the other hand, should not be too long or have wrinkles at the bottom.

As for shortened trousers, there is an ideal and suitable option for everyone: trousers that are 7/8 in length (that is, 1/8 shorter than the standard length, those that end at the narrowest part of the leg: at the ankle). It is true that they visually reduce stature, so short women are recommended to wear them with heels or opt for models with a high waist.

If you have "plump" legs, you should not opt for short models that end at the widest part of the cufflinks, for example, pirates or capri. It is better to choose 2 piece pants set.

We also find types of pants that can do you a disservice. For example, "bananas" look beautiful only on slim women of tall stature. Those made of velvet, micropana or tweed, visually, add extra kilos, so again they will spoil the appearance except for those that are thin. Skinny and tight leggings completely outline the contours of the legs, making all imperfections visible. By the way, leggings should be worn with a top that covers the line of passage in order not to visually alter the proportions of the figure.

When choosing classic pants to go to the office, it is always better to opt for colors that are always in fashion: black, gray, navy blue, beige and cherry tones. Some stylists add to this a very simple rule: the higher your weight, the denser and darker the fabric of classic pants should be.

Hopefully the tips above can be useful!