The working environment is more than a simple desk and chair. Modern office furniture design trends are continually evolving to embrace flexibility, multifunctionality, and employees’ healthcare. 

For most people, the office is the place where they spend most of their adult time. To improve productivity on the job, owners and designers have come to see the office not just as a place of work but also of living.

A pleasant and enjoyable working place can indeed have a positive impact on worker’s job motivation and results. In these regards, furniture plays an important role when it comes to shaping the overall ambiance atmosphere.

In this article, we will talk about the expected 2021 top modular office furniture design trends. Let us jump right in.

Office Furniture New Design Trends

The new tendency for corporate offices revolves around three main concepts: multifunctional furniture, nature and breakout spaces. 

Multifunctional Furniture

The new trends impose to rethink the single furniture pieces’ utility, creating a more flexible workspace. Modular office furniture can help to redefine the space. Cabinets, desks, tables, chairs, and other accessories and complements can create a whole new ambiance that combines different functions.

Furthermore, modular office furniture can be integrated with office seating. For instance, sofa pods with built-in tables and cabinets on both sides can let you have your working tools at hand, and simultaneously reserve private spaces where to relax or work more freely.

What about touchscreen tables solutions and power source furniture such as smartphone charging chairs. These are just some of the many examples of the freedom and innovation brought by the new multifunctional modular office furniture.


Nature:Materials and colorations

Recently the mainstream of design trends for modular office furniture follows the implementation of natural elements. The central concept is working in nature to help us get more relax and have a better mood overall. 

The office environment has started introducing more and more plants, trees, small garden with stones. Talking about the materials and colors, we have finally seen the change from the traditional white color with a material mixture of polyurethane, glass, laminates, and metals. Now the tendency is to use more refined and sophisticated modular office furniture with colors associated with nature. Frequently utilized, we have the wood veneers of dark coloration, such as the oxidized oak (sometimes also ash wood black painted).

Breakout Spaces

Another way to indirectly improve productivity is by making the workspace more enjoyable. Breakout areas have been popular for some years. Lounges, café, games rooms, outdoor and indoor recreational spaces help relieve the stress from the employee and give them an occasion to bond. 

Modular office furniture can create these casual areas accommodating new ways of smart working. On top of that, the new design trends have carefully considered the improvement of health care. The ergonomic aspect and better comfort of the working station is the top necessity for your team. A bright example is sit-stand furniture, which encourages movement activity and reduces the risk of heart conditions, obesity, and problems of posture. Staff wellbeing on the job has been proven to enhance their creativity and performance. 


The design of your company workspace should represent your business identity. Creative office space furniture can help you turn your office into a showroom for you to promote your brand and build an enjoyable and productive working place for your employees. If you are interested in remodeling your office, we highly suggest searching for reliable professionals. 

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