Whether you are a tea lover or not, you would, without a doubt, choose quality tea. And while this is majorly determined by the water and type of tea you chose, it is also determined by what you use to make it. That said, there are also different types of kettles, and in one way or another, this impacts how your tea tastes. If you are used to making your tea using a microwave, then you might want to reconsider that option because it's not the best. Making tea with a kettle has way more benefits than using a microwave, and below are some of the advantages of a tea water heater.

One of the reasons you should be using a tea kettle is because of the speed. First, tea kettles come in two major types, electric and stove top. When you choose to use either of the two, you will be enjoying your tea within a few minutes.

Tea kettles are very convenient because they are specifically made for making tea. So, you don't have to estimate how much time it will take for your water to boil. For instance, stovetop kettles release steam after the water boils to the required temperature. 

Promotes cleanliness
When using a tea kettle, you don't have to worry about an after-taste for a strong garlic meal you made the previous night. They are used only for boiling water, so they are easy to clean. Also, it is very unlikely to have your tea kettle tainted.

Ease of use
Using a tea kettle doesn't require rocket science kind of knowledge as they are pretty easy to use. It is a handy appliance, and whether you choose an electric or stovetop one, it is not going to be a struggle to use. Also, tea kettles are safe to use when compared to teapots. While stovetop tea kettles release steam after water boils, this is unlikely going to hurt you.

Electric or stovetop?
While tea kettles are important, a lot of people struggle to choose between electric and stove top ones. When it comes to speed, electric kettles are way faster than stovetop ones and will reduce the boiling time halfway. And if you want to have more tea at work, then you can carry your electric kettle and use it in the office. On the downside, electric kettles are expensive. Stovetop kettles, on the other hand, come in different beautiful designs and are affordable. Also, unlike electric kettles, they are easy to clean.

Bottom line
There are no limitations to the kind of tea kettle you can use. If you are a tea lover, then you know how important it is to have a good kettle. Also, you want an appliance that will serve you the longest, so always look for high-quality stuff when buying. You might spend a little too much during purchase, but you won't have to pay to replace your kettle in the future. Whether you are looking for durability, low cost, or convenience, there is definitely a suitable tea kettle for you.