Moving abroad is a complicated activity. You have to think about how to deliver important items to a new country. It becomes a more stressful activity if you have to be ready in the new country immediately. A company such as Japan Luggage Express is a solution for people who want to move from Japan to another country. This company is one of the international moving companies in Japan that can deliver a variety of items from Japan to several countries such as America, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Learn the detail of this service below.  

Helps to Move Abroad from Japan
The service of the company is not only limited to America, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia but also other countries worldwide. The team is also ready to ship your items from Japan to New Zealand, South Africa, and almost anywhere in the country. The company has a good network to make sure that the packages get into the exact location immediately and safely. Let say, this overseas moving company has a network with terminals in over 80 cities in the USA. You can also use their service to move the goods that you bought in Japan. 

The Way the Company Works 
Japan Luggage Express is one of the most reliable international moving companies in Japan. The company offers a specific moving method known as port-to-port shipping. The process sees the time when the containers leave their port in Japan. Commonly, it takes several weeks and depends on the destination. The company uses the port-to-port shipping method because it is faster than the door-to-port shipping method. The door-to-port shipping method is about thirteen to seventeen days longer than the port-to-port shipping method. The time is including the unloading process from the container to the terminal. The time excludes if there is a bad condition such as bad weather that forces ships to stop its activity. 

The Benefits of an Using International Moving Company 
People who want to move from Japan to other countries get a lot of benefits when they use this international moving company. Someone who moves to the UK or London explains that the clearance process is much easier. You will receive a notification from the agent that the goods arrive. You only have to fill a custom clearance form as well as attach a copy of your shipping list and passport. Then, send the requirements back. Just wait for the approval for a week and let the agent delivers the goods. The best part is that you don’t have to go to the port at all yet you will receive your goods. 

So, you don’t need to get confused anymore about the way to move your goods from Japan to other countries. Just let Japan Luggage Express handle it. This is one of the international moving companies in Japan that will deliver your goods abroad right in front of your door from Japan. You even don’t have to go outside to check the goods. Check the information, including the requirements and cost of the services by visiting