The aftermath of the death of a loved one caused by the negligence of another can be anything from anger, constant grief and even depression. Death is a sad reality, and the worst part is that once someone close to you dies, their story in this life is over. The only form of relief available in such an instance is compelling the liable party to take accountability for the wrongful death through the legal process.

If you live in Clearwater Florida, one way to seek accountability from the liable party is by filing a lawsuit. The intent for filing a wrongful death lawsuit is to get compensation in the form of monetary damages from the liable party. Handling a wrongful death case on your own can be complex; therefore, the best decision is to hire a Clearwater wrongful death lawyer. Most people are, however, in a dilemma on how to find a good wrongful death attorney in Clearwater.

The following guide can greatly help you find the best Clearwater wrongful death lawyer:

Internet Research

Most wrongful death attorneys have invested in internet marketing strategies like SEO. Clearwater residents can always locate an attorney from the comfort of their homes. Technology has greatly advanced hence making it easy to trace information that is only relevant to you. 

For example, most search engines can detect your location and thus yielding law firms or attorneys that are within Clearwater. Always give preference to those law firms or lawyers on the first page on a search engine, particularly at the top of the page. 

Please navigate to the website of the lawyers you have chosen and proceed to thoroughly go through their website, check the biography of the lawyer while paying attention to their various wins. Also, pay attention to the services offered and establish whether wrongful death cases are among the list.

Ask for a Referral

You might be shocked to realize that the lead to the best wrongful death attorney in Clearwater is within your circle. Talk to family, friends and colleagues and enquire whether they have ever worked with a wrongful death attorney or a personal injury attorney. 

Most attorneys that handle personal injury claims also handle wrongful death claims; therefore, the experiences of your close contacts with a certain personal injury lawyer can save you the hustle of looking around.

Visit the Florida Bar Association Website

The Florida Bar Association is a saviour for anyone seeking information about various lawyers. If the attorney you have already identified is facing disciplinary action or has been previously fined for professional negligence, such information will be available for you on the website. Also, the website gives information on the experience of an attorney and their area of expertise, making it easy for you to choose your attorney.

Past Client Experiences

Reviews from past clients are a marketing tool that many Clearwater attorneys have embraced. Also, clients use such a chance to warn other clients about a rogue attorney. Although bad reviews rarely make it to the website of an attorney, the few available reviews can give you insights on what to expect. 

The legal profession is among the professions operated under oath and attorneys have to follow professional legal ethics in whatever they do. Therefore you can trust the reviews on an attorney’s website to be truthful.

Schedule a Consultation 

Always grab any free consultation chance because you get to gain useful information to help in your case and also learn more about the attorney you are about to work with. During a consultation, ensure that you ask relevant questions that will help you build an informed decision. Ask questions on experience and in particular, the type of cases they handle. 

Enquire about the workload. If the attorney is overwhelmed with several wrongful death cases, the complexities in such cases might hinder the success of your case.

When seeking a wrongful death attorney, always take your time to identify the best Clearwater wrongful death lawyer. Remember the intent of getting legal services is to seek compensation; therefore, you should ensure you work with an attorney with your best interests at heart hence helping you to maximize your compensation.