Are you tired of dry, brittle hair that clearly needs some rejuvenation and life put back into it? Have you tried tons of conditioners that just don’t seem to get the job done in reviving your strands? We get it. Finding the right methods that actually make your hair thrive can seem like a daunting task and it doesn’t help you show up as your best. Even though different types of hair extensions will be related to the use of these masks, it’s important that your human hair extensions be considered and taken care of just like you would with your natural hair. We’re sure you’re tired of researching and trying to find what works so we’re here to help you and tell you all about hair masks! 

All About Hair Masks

Hair masks can be referred to as deep conditioning treatments on a whole other level. These are designed to help heal damaged hair extensions and deeply penetrate where regular hair conditioners can’t. Hair masks usually are rich in ingredients and filled with nutrients that your hair will love such as natural oils and fats, antioxidants and more. Hair masks can also be specific to hair extensions with texture and type. To find the right one for you, check out the two different types of hair masks below.

Coconut Oil Hair Mask for Curly, Frizzy Hair Extensions

Coconut oil hair masks have become super popular because they have a major superpower of getting deep into the hair shafts. This type of hair mask is a total powerhouse because it easily seeps into the hair due to the fatty acids and properties especially for curly hair extensions that can have a tendency to get frizzy. Let’s not forget that it also has both vitamin E to help with hair growth and great moisturizing properties that keep your hair protected from unwanted dry-out. A coconut oil hair mask does magic from within! You’ll have lively, tamed hair that has a shine that won’t quit.

Avocado & Olive Oil Hair Mask for Straight Hair Extensions

What we love about a good avocado hair mask is....everything! It’s an awesome ingredient that can be paired with anything and will always make a great hair mask. Not only are they perfect for sushi but they are great for supporting hair shine and softness with straight hair extensions which you may possibly manipulate more with heated styling tools. This alone can cause dullness and hair to break off and shed easily. Avocados are super moisturizing and nourish the hair well due to the “good” fats it possesses. And if you suffer from dry and dehydrated hair, because there is a total difference,  because they contain natural oils and both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids (the “good” fats). While these oils can be beneficial to all hair types, they’re especially helpful for dry, dehydrated hair.

What is your go-to homemade hair mask?

It’s pretty clear that hair masks are the game changer for your hair extensions. If you’re looking to meet specific needs for your extensions, hair masks can truIy meet them. And the great thing about hair masks is when it comes to a certain kind you’re never limited. You can interchange the ingredients mentioned in this blog with others and create a customized mask that’s tailored to any specific hair issues you’re having. Problems solved!