Life is a constant variation of experiences, and there is no better representation of this diversity than the transformation of the seasons around the year. When its summer, people come out of their houses, go to beaches and enjoy. During the winters, people prefer staying at homes, within their comfort zones, in fear that the snow might affect the health negatively. Autumn causes the leaves to turn brown and fall off their stems, symbolizing the hope that the change in the season will bring liveliness back. With spring, the entire aura is changed; the sky is clear, the flowers bloom, and so do the happiness and joy. 

Like how one season brings different emotions, the experiences in life are consistently similar. Life doesn’t just stick with one event; everyone has to live with the range of instances it brings along. The highs, the lows, the happy moments, the prolonged feelings of sadness, weeks of good days, and the prevalence of bad days. 

Often, life presents itself with unfortunate events, and more often, individuals find themselves crushed by brutal events before one can get to the brighter side of life. But that is not all there is. Nobody said life was easy, but the one thing that everyone is aware of is that nothing lasts forever, and nothing stays the same. Life is not just a story of haplessness, and even more so, it’s about what the person focuses on seeing. While people might choose to look at the negative aspects of life, there is always a silver lining. Like everything else, these aspects are interconnected, and an individual is presented with two choices; to either run from them or learn from them. And all it takes to choose the latter is a little courage, motivation, and determination. 

The epitome of patience and perseverance, Angelica Lazo is the prime example of working hard to reach the top from rock bottom with determination and persistence to make life worth living for herself and her daughter. She belongs to the population of people who pave their life through resilience and courage. 

Life was never easy on Angelica. She began facing challenges and hardships from a pretty young age. Angelica was born to parents who were both immigrants from Managua, Nicaragua. When she turned seven, her family relocated to the United States.

It wasn’t long before Angelica was in a relationship, but nothing good ever came out of it, and she found herself stuck in an abusive relationship. A consistent victim of domestic violence, Angelica gave birth to her daughter and decided that she had to live life and make it better not just for herself but also for her daughter. She decided it was time to protect her daughter from the hardships and cruelties of the world. 

Determined not to let the difficulties get in her way, Angelica went to college while raising her daughter as a single mother. Keeping up a balance in her life was a continuous struggle, but she wanted her daughter to have a beautiful life, and that is what she set her heart on doing. 

She completed her Bachelor’s in Fashion Design and Marketing and began pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. After graduating, she started working two jobs to support her daughter and make sure that her daughter would get the best of everything. 

Soon, Angelica realized that her true passion lay with fashion, and she was ready to acquire the necessary skills required for starting up a business. To prepare herself for her business, she worked in corporate America in management, IT, marketing, and the retail world, which helped her gain vital knowledge and essential skills needed to start up a business. 

With 2010 came Angelica’s clothing line, Tallyrenee. But before the highs could have come, Angelica’s business started to fall. Even then, she did not give up hope and instead moved to Los Angeles, California, with her daughter. 
Securing a great job in the city, Angelica was sure that her life would turn towards the good side, but to her horror, her daughter had a major car accident, where she was the only survivor. The accident affected her financial and mental state drastically. In the end, Angelica found herself homeless and lost in a state of despair. 

It was then that Angelica found her silver lining. She met a couple where the husband was a career coach. They helped Angelica get a stable job and helped her get through the difficult stages of her life. The best thing that happened to Angelica at the time was coming across the career coach who encouraged her to pursue coaching as a career. Through his help, she was struck with the realization of how she coached hundreds of people in life and how bravely she fought all of her life battles.

Accepting his assistance and realizing that she was actually willing to take a step forth, Angelica moved back to Florida and began starting up her business. She combined her personal experience with the 15 years of her corporate experience and laid the foundation of her online coaching business, The Millennial Visionary Brand + Business Academy, Angelica Lazo, the Coach LLC. She created her online platform to help female entrepreneurs get the support and guidance they need to build their businesses. 

With the aim to be more successful and improve her business, Angelica became a Certified Life Coach, Brand Coach, Business Coach, Mindfulness Life Coach, Transformation Life Coach, and LAW attraction life coach. She even became an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited entrepreneur.

As of today, Angelica is living the life she always wanted, with her daughter and her soul mate. She is a role model and an inspiration for all females who feel like there is no end to all the pain and the suffering.