Although Valentine’s Day is long gone, you should surprise your girlfriend with a cute bouquet of flowers every now and then. This not only keeps the love flowing, but also gives you a chance to make her smile. However, choosing flowers is not as simple as it sounds. There are many different types, species and colors of flowers, and choosing one for your better half may be complicated. This is especially true if she has sophisticated tastes. 

This article is a simple guide on how you can choose the best flowers for her. Read on for the best tips!

Make sure you know her tastes

Knowing your girlfriend inside out. All her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, favorite pastimes, games she likes and most importantly, which flowers she loves. For most girls, this is the classis Red Rose. However, this is not true for all girls out there. Some girls have very specific tastes and buying her the wrong flower can start things off on a bad note. Instead of using a general idea, make sure you ask your girlfriend which flowers she likes in a casual conversation so that she doesn’t notice. 

Later, when you get the flowers she innocently told you about, we can guarantee that she’ll totally fall in love with you.   

Check her allergies

This is very important! 

You don’t want to get your girlfriend a flower she’s allergic to because her body is not going to accept it well. Some girls can have really bad allergic reactions to certain flowers and at times, they also end up in the hospital because of the allergies. Get to know all her allergies and stay away from the flowers, or you could be in for an embarrassing surprise.  

Know the occasion

Every flower has a meaning depending on its color or fragrance. For example: The Red Rose represents love and the Yellow Rose means happiness. The Black Rose is rare, and is used for dark and depressing events. 

Make sure you know what the occasion is and choose the flower according to that situation. Red Rose is best to buy on Valentine’s Day. If you want to give a flower to just a friend, and you want to do so on a happy occasion, the Yellow Rose is your best bet. 

Let the experts help

Last but not least, rely on the experts to help you through your dilemma. Tell them about the situation and your relationship, and these people will be more than happy to find the perfect flower for you. Many florists have been working in this industry their whole lives, and that makes these people absolutely the best advisors. 

Services like London Flowers Delivery can not only help you find the best option for you, but also deliver fresh flowers to your doorstep every day. This brings us to our last point and this is an essential one: ALWAYS buy fresh because nothing turns humans off like the old smell of a rotten flower.