Your bio introduces your business and your role. What you’re and do can be done in a few characters. It can be a long bio or short but both can be used to gain more followers. 

The bio is meant to attract the followers that will benefit you and have new visitors as your followers.

Package what you’re and what you offer in the limited characters for your advantage. Ensure it brings more taps on the follow button. 

One-Line Bio
You can use one line bio that satisfies the needs of your audience. Focus is on them and how to fulfill their needs. Show inspiration on the bio. Let the inspiration bring views every day.

The real audience will read your bio and without hesitation, click follow. 

 In social media any hesitation leads to dumping; you may never see that visitor again. The one-line bio should be captioned with a great photo of your business or you as a brand.  

Any click on the follow button after making the best one-line bio may lead to your store. Your profession or business will be higher in that line and questions answered.

The bio should answer who, why, where, and when questions in the mind of the follower.

The Instagram copy template
Make it a point to visit many businesses and personalities who offer the same product as you. Visit their bios especially the top-branded only. Make a copy of their bio and use it as a template. What made them great? Ask if they answer the questions of the visitors, if yes make notes. From many bios, you visit, come up with a copy template to use. 

The ideal Bio
Copying and making a good bio will attract many followers. But the ideal bio deals with customers, not just followers. If you’re offering a product with a brand in the market, you need customers.

If you’re a musician you want followers who listen to your music. If you’re an influencer you need followers who will be persuaded to follow your cause.

Simply put the ideal bio that gives a brief of what you do, who you’re, and why to follow you. Indicate from your bio; who should follow you; they should believe your cause and must belong to a community.

Don’t take any follower, but those you inspire. The ones you can convince to purchase in your store. That will be the ideal bio

There are many reasons why you want followers; for your business; for traffic or a cause. They are all covered in the three bios above. The decision now lies in your best bio. Make it now and increase the views.

The bio should not wait so make it now or have Crovu'dan Instagram görüntüleme alma. The experts will help you develop your bio that includes the features and improves the views. The followers will just flock to your Instagram page with a purpose. Not for the liking but a cause and the inspiration you provide to other followers on Instagram.