Are you tired of working day and night? Are you planning to lend a day to yourself to just enjoy and relax with your friends? If the answer to that is yes then you’re at the right place. Every once in a while we need to spend some quality time with our friends. It’s good for your mental and physical well being. To spend the perfect evening with your friends, you can throw a movie night for them to enjoy and have the time of your life. Scroll down and have a look at the ways you can host the perfect movie night ever that your friends will appreciate for sure. 


The first and the most basic thing to throw the perfect movie night is to have a huge screen. Yup, TVs work fine but if you want to make it even more amazing get a projector. You can either borrow it from one of your friends or rent one. Projectors make your movie night 10x better. The huge screen, amazing colors, and everything combined will make your experience better than ever. Not to add, you can arrange the whole thing outdoors as well. How great! 


Who doesn’t love snacks, right? Popcorns are a must for your movie night. Get loads and loads of popcorn for your friends. Those thrilling scenes will make them munching on them a bit too much! Moreover, if you don’t want to cook something you could always order a pizza for your friends. Movie night is all about junk food and having fun. It’s okay to cheat once a week, you can burn the calories later on. Not to add, do get some delicious treats for your friends too. If you’re planning the movie night outdoors in winters, marshmallows would be a great option with a bonfire. Other than than, you can always opt for candies, chips and what not! I’m sure you’re drooling already. 

•Choosing the perfect genre 

Another thing that matters a lot when it comes to movies is to choose the perfect genre. There are millions of movies out there and it’s quite confusing for you to choose the perfect movie for your friends. Make sure you choose a genre that everyone’s okay with. Also, research before choosing a movie. You don’t want your movie night to get all boring and dull. There are loads of famous producers out there such as Erik H. Gordon and George Lucas and a lot more that have produced some incredible movies.


Making your hosts comfortable is a must, right? Whether you’re hosting a movie night or dinner. You must make sure all your guests are comfortable.  Make sure to get a bunch of bean bags, cushions, and blankets to keep your friends cozy and comfortable. This matters a lot, trust me. Moreover, choose the right temperature for the room. You don’t want your friends to soak up with sweats in summers or to make them shiver in winters. Keep the temperature moderate to keep everyone comfortable. 

•Set up 

Another thing you must keep in mind is the set up of the area. Now it’s totally up to you if you want to plan the whole thing outdoors or indoors. However, if you opt for a horror movie, you might want to plan the whole thing outdoors to give everyone chills. Not to add, if you’re planning to watch the movie on a projector, you should set up the whole thing as a huge, open area. Don’t go for a congested place since it’ll make everyone feel uncomfortable. To throw the perfect movie night, the setup matters a lot. Make sure you keep that in mind before planning the whole thing. 


Sure, most TVs do have a great sound system however some of them don’t. If you’re throwing an amazing movie night, try getting external speakers to make the experience better than ever. They’ll make the movie night so much better giving you and your friends a cinematic feeling. The right amount of sound matters a lot when it comes to movie nights. Get external speakers and make sure your friends have an incredible time. 

•No phone rule 

I’ve often seen people using their phones all the time when watching a movie. That makes your experience quite worse since others get annoyed and you can seem to understand the whole thing clearly. Establish a no-phone rule and tell everyone about it. Tell them it’s important for all of them to be completely indulged in the movie. It’ll make the movie night a lot more fun. 

•Talk time

Make sure to lend some time for a ‘talk time’ with your friends. Choose a movie of not more than 2 hours. After that, spend some time discussing the movie and having a chit chat with your friends. Whenever we talk to our friends, it cheers up our mood, right? Spend quality time with them and it’ll lighten up your mood. 


Lastly, another thing you need to take care of is the right atmosphere. Decorate the area according to the genre of the movie. If it’s a horror movie, you can get a ton of ideas from the internet to make the area look spooky. Moreover, another thing you should do is to dim the lights. You can either turn off all the lights and turn on a bunch of lamps or fairy lights to give you a cinematic feeling. The right atmosphere matters a lot when hosting a movie night. Your friends will appreciate the effort.

That’s it, folks. Here were a few tips to throw the perfect movie night for your friends. Everyone deserves a relaxing night now and then, right? Follow all the pointers mentioned and have a fantastic time!