Statistics for marriage in the western culture show that over 90% of people get married by 50 years of age. On the downside, not all of these marriages last a lifetime. In fact, an average of 40-50% of married couples divorce in the US alone. Marriage is not all rosy, rather a work in progress with a lot of ups and downs. 

But that doesn't mean that your marriage won't work and it takes two to tango. So, if both you and your partner are devoted to making it work, it will. Even for a marriage that is failing, you still have a chance to make it work by seeking the proper help.

It might feel like the world around you is crumbling, and this might come with a lot of hopelessness, especially when you had so much hope for your marriage to work. If you are in a place where your marriage is failing and you feel like it's draining you, you can still get help and salvage it.

Establish the reason why it is failing
Every couple experiences different problems in their marriage. And for a failing marriage, the cause might not necessarily stem from different issues, sometimes it's usually one repetitive issue. The only way to save your marriage is by first establishing the reasons why it's not working then addressing these problems head-on. 

The top three major reasons for divorces around the globe include infidelity, substance abuse, and domestic violence. Your failing marriage might not be as a result of these reasons, but the better you understand the loopholes the easier it is to work them out.

Seek help
Whether you have been married for two years or ten years, a marriage on the rocks can be emotionally damaging and quite overwhelming. When you have fought so hard to save it but feel like your efforts are not yielding any results, you might want to seek help. Maybe all you do with your partner is argue endlessly, going for couples therapy would help both of you see your wrongs and reach a common ground.

Or perhaps you are struggling with substance abuse, seeking help on rehab platforms like Couples Rehabs would help both of you get over your addiction. Maybe your partner cheated but you both still want to save your marriage, you can also seek therapy to help with forgiveness.

If you feel like it's becoming too much for you, you can always seek out help.

Take away
While the statistics for divorces for first marriages are clearly high, not all married couples should end up signing the divorce papers. Both of you can still make it work, and the good thing is that there are a lot of institutions set up solely for helping married couples. So you are not alone, you can always seek help when things get thick. And sometimes, some of these marriages are saved, sometimes they aren't. The best thing is to create a common ground with your partner because it will be easier to save the marriage when you can understand each other.