Wigs have become very popular as of recent. Especially human hair wigs. With so many influencers wearing wigs, the common people seek wigs too. A wig can be worn at so many places, ranging from costume parties to wearing it regularly like to your office. Wigs don’t only add volume to your hair but it also protects your scalp and natural hair. 

Imagine being in the 18th century and wearing wigs to portray your social status. At that time, making the wig look artificial was trending. Can you believe that some ladies even added bird cages to their wigs? 

That is not the case today, where we want the wigs to look the most natural it can. Wigs are no more a social symbol, but a fashion statement. What is better than a human hair wig in this case? You will surely feel more attractive when you wear one. The confidence comes with it, trust us.

So, what is stopping you from wearing a wig?

Why go for a wig?
Wearing a wig has so many advantages to it. And as the beauty world spreads wearing wigs more, there is only one way. And that way is up. So here are some of the advantages of wearing a wig. 

All the protection you need

Don’t we all suffer from issues with hair? Be it hair fall, damage from hair products, dry hair, oily scalp, and so many more. Instead of applying different hair products to your natural hair and damaging your hair in the long term, do it with a wig. It will take considerably less effort, and your natural hair remains healthy under your wig.

Add a little more volume to your hair

Nobody likes flat hair, do they? And who doesn’t love voluminous hair? Well here is where wigs will come to your rescue. Wearing a wig on the top of your hair will help your hair gain more volume.  and a human hair wig will seem so much like your natural hair, that you won’t have to worry about your hair looking artificial.

A confidence boost

When someone walks into the room, their attire might not attract your attention. Their confidence certainly will. So many of us suffer from low confidence. A human hair wig can certainly help you with that! Just like your natural hair, but better. You can style it in any way you want to. And let us assure you, the results won’t disappoint you.

What are the different hair types available for wigs?
Wigs have been into existence for a very long time. In Ancient Egypt, they were made with many different materials; some that might even surprise you. The scenario is a little different now. Here are the different types of wigs you will find in the market:

Synthetic Hair Wig

The easiest option available in the market these days is the synthetic wig. These wigs look more artificial in comparison to human hair wigs. Despite its shortcoming, there are some advantages to synthetic hair wigs. Synthetic hair wigs don’t get damaged easily. You can wear it straight out of the box, but you won’t be able to style it. 

With the recent technological advancements, synthetic hair looks more and more natural. In some cases, it might even be difficult to tell the difference between human hair and synthetic hair. Additionally, synthetic hair wigs last longer than human hair wigs.

Human hair wigs have gained a lot of popularity in the market recently, especially the wigs that have virgin human hair. The natural look it gives makes it more likeable among the wig-wearers. Taking care of a human hair wig is almost as if taking care of your natural hair. This might seem a little tedious to many, as the whole purpose of buying a wig is to make fewer efforts to the hair. But imagine all the experiments you could do with this hair that you hadn’t tried before. 

We all can agree to the fact that human hair wigs are a great alternative to the natural hair; which have endured years of processing. Style it any way you like, and it will look just like our own hair. But we want to highlight that taking proper care of your wig is necessary. They are a teensy bit more expensive than synthetic hair wigs, but these wigs can last you anything ranging from one to three years.

Which Human Hair Wig is the best for you?
If you found human hair wig more suitable, then there are more things to consider before buying one. The four major types of hair used in making a human hair wig are Chinese, Indonesian, European and Indian. Different hair has different looks to it. Let us help you in choosing the best option for you.

Chinese hair is thick and dense if that is the look you are aiming for. But it can be a little difficult to style as these hairs can remain stubbornly straight. Indonesian hair lacks a little in thickness, but they make up for it in the great availability of it. It is also comparatively easier to style. Indian hair is thinner than Indonesian hair but they have a great texture to it. European hair, the thinnest of all, is the most popular among users. And due to this popularity, you will not find a lot of this kind in the market.

In the end, the type of hair you want will depend upon the look you are aiming for. There is an abundance of options available in the market to match your ideas.

We hope that human hair wigs have made their way in your heart by now. Despite the advantages of synthetic hair wigs, human hair wigs will surely give you a more natural look. Share this article with your friends and family if it has helped you in choosing the best hair type for wigs in any way.