Camping is the activity that Americans like the most. Because they are gifted with diverse environment, incredible wildlife, and amazing landscapes. Moreover, the organized campgrounds and the facilities attracts many foreigners as well. We have managed to give you some of the best camping grounds you can find in United states of America.

1. White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire
If you kind of really into rugger hike and want to enjoy the rustic experience in the northeast. Then look no further; the White Mountains in Appalachian Valley are what you are looking for. The hiking is rugged, and it is worth it if you are up for the challenge. The sights are stunning, particularly in fall, when the leaf-peeping season is at its peak.

Moreover, White Mountain National Forest has 24 drive-in campgrounds and hundreds of campsites, each with different magical sighting. The park is accessible year-round, the park entry pass is 3$, and for a weak pass, it will cost you 5$. The White Mountains are the second most visited park in the united states because of its green hills, fantastic lake, and last but not least, its rugged hiking trails.

Professional tip: It is better to have a heavy-duty portable stool with you to rest for some time while trekking or hiking, as such activities can be exhausting.

2. Yosemite National Park, California
Who genuinely loves nature and wants to cut off from city’s hustle-bustle has to go Yosemite National Park once in a lifetime. Nearly 90% of the is designated wilderness. That means no daily life facilities like roads, electricity, and, most importantly, no traffic sounds. In short that what camping is all about just you and nature.

There are 13 camping grounds scattered throughout the park, all giving a stunning view of lake, waterfalls, and glaciers. However, one in particular, The Bridal Veil creek ground offers a truly spectacular sight. With 7200 feet high, it is the favorite spot for campers from all over the world. It is a picturesque place to enjoy hiking, camping to horseback riding.

3. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
To find the reason to visit Grand Canyon National park, Grand Canyon itself is enough. Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world, making it a hot spot for millions of people each year. If you want stunning views, no place is better than Grand Canyon National park.

The south rim is easily accessible, popular, and, therefore, more crowded. On the other hand, for secluded stay, North rim is recommended. However, It will give you a harder time to get there but it’s totally worth it. Both sides are gorgeous and offer a lot to explore.

In particular, one best campground Matter Campground, which offers 327 campsites located on the south rim of Grand Canyon. It is equipped for traditional tents and RVs. Moreover, nested in the wooded area and has access to thousands of miles nearby hiking trails and a great Grand canyon view.

4. Olympic National Park, Washington
The Washington state has innumerable places for the outdoor enthusiast, But the Olympic national park offers more than exceptional trees and hiking. You will encounter completely three different ecosystems, including a rain forest. The Olympic national park has 14 campgrounds. Some are in the rainforest, and others are along the beautiful coastline. So you can enjoy the different landscapes.
Moreover, When the season is right, you will be a privilege to watch whales migrate. Specifically talking, there is a 30-miles road right though rain forest, or you can hike through it if you want. You can end your trip to Ruby Beach, where you can see mountains, glaciers, and rain forests from the shore.

5. Denali National Park, Alaska
If you have never been to Alaska, you miss out on some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. Denali National Park has six million acres of land to enjoy the pure wilderness. You can enjoy wildlife, beautiful trails, creeks, and mountains, including Mount McKinley, North America's tallest peak reaching 20,310 feet (6,190 meters). Please do not be scared; it offers hikes for pros and beginners as well.

Denali National park has six Campgrounds with 291 campsites with each has its uniqueness. Riley Creek is the only Campground accessible by car, but traffic can be an issue. However, for all campgrounds, Camp buses are available for campers who have a reservation at campsites.

6. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
Crater lake is the deepest lake in the United States and located in Crater lake national park and hence a lot to offer, especially for photo lovers. The park is considered the fifth oldest park in the united states. There are two developed campgrounds— The Mazama Village Campground, which accommodates Tent and RVs, and The Lost Creek Campground can accommodate tents only. Moreover, backcountry camping is allowed to have a valid permit.

7. Gunnison National Forest, Colorado
Gunnison National Forest offers 1,6 million acres of public land and more than 3000 miles of trails, which guarantee you stunning views of rocky Mountains. Don’t forget to check out the Black Canyon, it is steep and gives a killer view of the Painted Wall, which is the highest peak in Colorado.

There is almost 30 campsites variety of landscape like the lakes, forever rainforest, meadows, and Mountains. Virtually in every forest service road has campsite dispersed nearby.