The majority of pet owners can agree that your four legged roommates are more than just the creatures you share a home with, they are part of the family.  Some go as far as dressing them up regularly, including them on vacations and even in family photos.  So for all the priority they are given, your beloved pets deserve to have a sanctuary of their own.  

Sure you could head to the local chain pet store and pick up a regular old bed which consists of essentially a giant pillow.  It can offer a nice place for your beloved pet to rest their paws for a bit, but they are not likely the most esthetically pleasing.  In fact, most of the time they stick out like a store thumb in whatever room they are in.  Take your room and your pet’s style to the next level by investing in a pet bed that speaks to both your home’s style as well as a cozy place for Fido.  Let them live the luxury life in a pet cabana, a pet bed or even a pet house which looks more like a fine piece of furniture than something made for your animal friend.  But what is it that truly makes a great bed for your beloved pet?  

Comfort - This is the number one priority that goes without saying why you would even need a pet bed.  Your furry friend needs a cozy and comfortable place to rest their heads just like us humans.  
Designated Space - What’s great about something like a pet cabana is that it provides a space that feels like a tiny room or home that Fido can call all their own.  They know it won’t need to be shared with any humans.  It is a structure all for them, which is ideal with animals as they can be territorial.     
Well Crafted - Any pet owners know that animals are just that, animals.  They can be adorable and loving, but have a tendency to destroy their belongings.  It’s just the nature of owning a pet to understand that this can happen.  Keeping this in mind, splurge a bit for the products that are long lasting and well built to ensure you won’t be at the local pet shop every month replacing your pet’s belongings.  
Designed With You In Mind - Often time, pet beds are created with only the user in mind.  But what about owners?  Not everyone loves the look of a giant brown floppy pillow in the middle of their room.  Luckily, there are products in existence from companies which understand the dynamic of function and fashion.  You can have both a look that suits your homes style, and creates a safe place for your pet to rest.  
Environmentally Friendly - You may not have even considered eco-conscious pet products, but they are out there!  Look for items which are sustainably built to help not just your pet, but the planet as well.  Every little bit counts to make the world a better place for all living things.

Your furry friends are there for support, comfort and to add joy to your life.  For the many positive things they provide to you, their best friend, ensure that they have the best possible life with a space and place that you would feel comfortable in for yourself.  They may not be able to articulate in words how they feel, but your consideration for their overall wellbeing and assimilating them into your world gives a sense of belonging and security that doesn’t need to be said out loud.  Give your pets the best life and they will be sure to show you the same love in return.