As someone who has experienced eye strain while working in an office with fluorescent lights, I can feel your pain.

However, a word of warning: I am not a doctor, and the information provided in this post should not be taken as medical advice. Consult a licensed healthcare practitioner for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition.

Understanding migraines
A problem commonly associated with migraines is sensitivity to light. Light can also be the trigger for a migraine. Even a pure reflection of light can trigger a painful migraine when there were no other triggers or signs of a migraine beforehand.

The easiest thing to do when we have a migraine is to avoid the light at all costs; however, this is not realistic. So, the best and most probably the only solution is to wear glasses to protect our eyes from the sun's light.

Most people with migraines have a natural sensitivity to light (also called photophobia).  Photophobia is a condition that can be caused by medical issues and external factors. This sensitivity is most noticeable just before and during a migraine attack.

But the average victim is also more sensitive to light than the average person between episodes. Most people with this problem are used to the solution of hiding in a dark room until the pain is gone.
Fortunately, sunglasses for people with migraines offer a solution.

How do these glasses work?
According to the latest research, there is a link between certain types of lighting and headaches. People with migraines are susceptible to visual stimuli, which the brain interprets as bright lights. 

This leads to over-stimulation of the visual cortex in the brain and can cause migraines. Migraine glasses are precision tinted to prevent some of the light from entering your eyes. They come in shades of pink and Gray-pink, with darker undertones more similar to regular sunglasses.

What if you work from home?
It's no secret that fluorescent lights used in most offices can irritate your eyes. If you are working at home, this is not a big deal as you can control the lighting.

Migraine glasses can be worn inside or outside on a cloudy day whenever intended for indoor use. Some indoor glasses have a pink colour that squares dangerous beams of glaring light.

Outdoor migraine glasses have tinted lenses that are darker as compared to other glasses. 

Choose the best, choose the right
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Choosing anti-migraine glasses
By choosing this type of glasses, you will quickly find that there is no right or wrong answer. Some people prefer different shades, while others prefer glasses to be darker and with different frame shapes.

Protective coatings
There are many additional coatings available in the market that you can get for your eyes' additional protection.

There are various additional coatings available also. Polarized lenses, for example, help eliminate glare and reduce stray light. Photochromic coatings help you adapt to the light in changing conditions.