You may describe a Wedding Saree as just a drape, just a long unstitched decorated drape but how do you describe the beauty of it? India happens to put forward the world’s finest piece of clothing, Bridal Sarees in different colours and prints that are suitable for weddings, engagements or any occasion for that matter. 
Indian weddings are grand occasions where you can see a range of sarees displayed in terms of variety, adornments, richness and one-upmanship. Every bride dreams of shining in her own gleaming Bridal Saree on her big day with a Bridal designer blouse and a perfect South Indian Bridal Makeup but, what is so special about it? 

The sheer amount of hard work and detail that goes into designing those godly figures, humans and animals in that small space is commendable. These Bridal Sarees are famous for softness, their grand intricate thread work, patterns and the contrasting colour palettes. By now, you should know that an Indian wedding remains incomplete without those exquisite embroideries, Zaris and Chamki work, in the display. At the end of the day, the drape nonchalantly plays the role of delineating elegance, poise and respect to every woman with a fabulous drape. 

South Indian Wedding Sarees
Kanjivaram Sarees have their own swag:

When they “saree not sorry”, they are usually talking about Kanjivaram Pattu sarees for weddings. Talking about authenticity, these Wedding silk sarees are originally woven in the southern part of India. Made traditionally by the Kanchi weavers, they are fabricated with pure passion and mulberry silk. These bridal sarees are a precious mixture of bold jewel colours and metallic hues of gold and copper.

Kanjivaram sarees are the go-to wedding silk sarees, which are commonly worn as the most aesthetic bridal ensemble by the brides all across India.  Everything about these Pattu sarees elegantly screams royalty. Their intricate designs subtly elevate the majestic zari bordered Indian wedding saree. Trust us when we say this, it will be a valuable addition to your bridal trousseau or even just for a cocktail party. 

The different vibrant hues in the Kanjivaram Bridal sarees make it an elegant option for the brides who are excited to rock that classy yet chic vibe. You will be swooned by the look, if it is paired with the right kind of Jewellery.

Mysore Silk sarees for the queen in you:

Family heirlooms and heavy South Indian silk sarees are every bride’s fantasy, and rightfully so. Mysore silk sarees are also commonly known as pure silk saree as they radiate purity, elegance, resilience, and they are quite common among the traditional brides. These bridal sarees are available in a wide variety of deep, jewel tones, which are intricately woven, and often have woven gold/copper zaris and pallus.

There was a time when only dark colours with golden zaris where woven when it came to Mysore wedding silk sarees, however, with time, these bridal sarees are now available in different colour shades, materials, and designs to impress the young brides of South India. If you are looking to rock the perfect combination of modern yet classy, then this South Indian bridal silk saree should be your pick. They will not only impress your guests with their metallic mixture of colours but will also leave your groom teary-eyed.

Pair yours with Polka, they have been the eternal design and charm on any ensemble, especially on the ruffled bridal designer blouse. Choose a bridal saree with a distinctive combination of bright colours and prints that you know will make those heads turn. Wearing a classy Mysore wedding silk saree with a Jada type Bridal Hairstyle, you can capture timeless memories with the right Wedding Photography

Channel your inner angel with Kerala Kasavu Sarees:

If you haven't already considered this beautiful bridal saree from Kerala, then you have been living under a rock. Wedding sarees in Kerala are usually hand-woven, they are crea /off-white coloured with a royal golden border, worn usually by Malayali women on their wedding day. These South Indian silk sarees are considered to be one of the best traditional sarees, as they define the essence of the beauty of every woman in Kerala on her big day. The thing that makes this saree stand out is how their borders are literally soaked of pure gold.
This bridal saree is considered to be the most auspicious one of the wedding sarees fabricated for the brides in Kerala. Since the borders are soaked in pure gold, you can go easy on your accessories and still own the day. The stunning combination of off-white with golden zari will make you look like a miracle in itself. Carry it with grace and you are good to go as a Kerala wedding bride, and hey, don't forget to match those amazing pair of heels you bought.

North Indian Wedding Sarees:

Don that dapper Banarsi saree:

There could be a thousand outfits readily available for a North Indian bride, but a Dulhan in Saree always stands out and makes a statement with her looks. These Indian wedding sarees are considered to be one of the finest sarees in India. There has always been something elegant about Banarsi Sarees, as they are classics and which is why you cannot go wrong with it. Be it your wedding day or just another function, a true Banarsi saree paired with a beautiful designer blouse will make you stand out in the crowd!
If you're looking for something unique on your wedding day then go for a Banarasi bridal saree of an off-beat colour, as they are gorgeous with a modern touch to them. They will have a beautiful impact on the guests as they are contemporary georgette drapes. Their signature Gota Patti work with pearls and zardozi will make you look precious! The most important thing to remember while donning a Banarsi saree is to not spray perfume as it could stain those expensive bridal sarees.

The desert charm to the rescue:

These bridal sarees are also known as Kota Doria, as they are made of pure cotton and silk, woven in square checks patterns known as the famous chowkdi. The fabrication process of this bridal saree is interesting as they smudge the onion juice and rice paste with a lot of care into the yarn. That makes the fabric strong and of top quality which doesn’t require any additional finishing for the ultimate preparation. 

These bridal silk sarees are the ideal kind of wedding saree that you are looking for. They are all about making the Dulhan in saree look simple yet elegant with the perfect touch of minimalist accessories. This simple wedding saree is the perfect example of the right mix of glam and trendy. Your guests just can't take their eyes off of your simple yet perfect design pattern all over your bridal saree.

Set a new trend with these Bengali bridal sarees:

The simplicity of these bridal sarees is commendable. They will make everyone drool around you while you are passing that gorgeous vibe. When you look at the stunning Bengali Dulhan in saree you will fall head over heels in love with them. Their beauty is so surreal that it cannot be measured. You will get portraits that are no less than a painting, on your big day. Starting from a bold red bindi to intense kohl eyes, everything about you will become lovable. 

Commonly known as Korial sarees, they can be worn for Weddings as well as poojas. These bridal sarees are generally produced in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. The saree's texture is as thin as a tissue which makes it easier to drape. They are very lavish and their white base with golden border or silver zari embellishments makes them stunning. These bridal sarees have become the ultimate choice for every modern bride.

An angel draped in divinity:

Christian wedding sarees are more versatile than you think, starting from the colours to fabric, the work is unique in each bridal saree. The details are so intricate that they will intrigue your senses and will tempt you to buy them. These bridal sarees are so beautiful that it will become extremely difficult for the guests to take their eyes off of the resplendent bride. These sarees are made of nothing but sheer elegance. An off-white bridal saree with intricate gold thread embroidery all over is a perfect choice.

If you are someone who loves everything about a traditional wedding, then we recommend, you wear a white bridal saree at your wedding, and if not white you can go for a wide range of pastel colours such as peach, Pista green, or light blue, etc. They are so classy in their purest form with their lovely stone, border, lace, or tassel work. To win this look, wear your saree with a silver, platinum, or diamond jewellery and sport a messy bun. The sheer simplicity of this bridal saree will make you look ethereal. 

These graceful Christian Wedding Sarees are sure going to make you look like a queen and you will always have fond memories and great pictures to remind you how exquisite you looked on your big day.