“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Happiness doesn't mean a smiling face; instead, it is feeling pleasure or showing contentment. Why does a person want to be happy? Why he chooses happiness over sadness or grief or disappointment? The answer is simple because joy allows you to become the best version of yourself. 

There will be times in your life when you feel sad, disappointed or lonely. At that time, you decide or find ways to be happy. Happiness makes you feel good about yourself and life in general. You don't let bad emotions to rule on you; instead, you take some time and wash the negative feelings out of your mind. 
There are several ways to find happiness and remain positive in life. One may find a particular thing to make himself happy, and others will find something else. It entirely depends on the choice and the circumstances.
One way to become happy is the most common in human nature, and that is expressing Gratitude or be thankful for others. This does not make you comfortable only, but it makes the other happy too.

There are different ways to express Gratitude to make yourself happy, and we will discuss one by one in this article and you can also read at achievablehappiness.com.

1. Positive Attitude:
Grateful thinking promotes happiness, and it makes a person's attitude positive towards life. Given the hard or harsh circumstances of life, if you find a way to be grateful for what you have, this will make you feel better and will encourage you to cherish the things that other people have a desire for. 

2. Self-Respect:
Expressing Gratitude intensify a person's self-respect or his self-esteem. When you realize what other people have done for you and what you have achieved, you feel confident and productive. People around you will be discussing their failures and disappointments in life, but you do need to avoid their company and find people who motivate you to accomplish your goals.

The practice of Gratitude encourages a person to value himself, and he tries to respect himself with others as well.

3. Gratitude Helps in Coping withStress/Anxiety:
Gratitude helps people cope with stress, anxiety, tensions or situations like trauma. Ability to appreciate your circumstances that might be miserable for others but you didn't let them rule your mind; instead, you stood fast and accept all the challenges of life with a smile and move forward with a positive approach. This way, you keep yourself away from the worries of life. This might sound hard to follow, but once you try it, this will benefit you in the longer run.

4. Moral Behavior
The act of helping others is the key to ultimate happiness. This is another way of expressing gratitude to others. It makes a person's behaviour towards life better and a sense of helping makes him feel good.
It might change the behaviour of a person entirely about life as he begins to realize how he is making himself happy by helping them and converting their sorrows to happiness.

5. Bonding Gets Strengthened
When you always tend to Show Gratitude and mindfulness to the people who change your thinking and makes you remain positive in adversity, the bonding among you gets more vigorous. It is beneficial in making friends like you, who helps you in fighting against the challenges of life.

Being thankful to your friends or loved ones for what you have in life makes you connected with them more. Keeping yourself positive all the time will make a person better, and he is more likely to find friends as the behaviour/attitude matters while judging someone. 

6. Inhibit Making Comparisons
Gratitude inhibits making comparisons with others. If a person is grateful for what he has in life (home, family, health, etc.), he will not let himself to make comparisons with others. It becomes easier for you to let go the feeling of others are having more than me, and you are less likely to pay attention to or envy what others have.

7. It Dissolves Negative Emotions
According to a psychiatrist: "gratitude dissolves negative feelings, anger and jealousy melt in its embrace, fear and defensive shrink." The continuous practice of Gratitude in life diminish feelings like anger, bitterness and greed. When a person can control emotions like these, there is no barrier between him and happiness. 

8. Adaptation
There will be circumstances in a person's life when he finds them new and unpleasant. It might seem to be difficult in handling at the start, but adapting it with Gratitude will counteract the effects of the event, he was afraid of while dealing with it. Adaptation to all things might be worse but combating with the effects of challenges makes you happier than before.