The Coronavirus has impacted the UK market in a number of ways. The lockdown and strict government regulations have badly impacted the market shares and economy. Unemployment, wage cuts, unstable economics, and unreliable education systems are some of the consequences from the economic downturn. The current situation has created a challenging period for both employers and employees who are working to make a better living for themselves and their families. But will we see a change in fortune soon? 

Some companies are still recruiting during the pandemic and looking to get more job applicants with a lot of these new roles being temporarily remote working or possibly permanently. According to the Office for National Statistics, around 1.9million adults worked remotely from home during 2019. It is expected that this number will be 10 times more than that when the figures for 2020 come in.

Factors empowering work from home

There are plenty of coronavirus support available for anyone who has been impacted by the lockdown. Especially for those who may now be working from home for the first time. People tend to feel more comfortable working from home because there are less expenses spent on fuel or food. You also get more family time, comparatively less fatigue, and can avoid interruptions. Almost one-third of the information and communication industry is working from home. But for other sectors such as health care, engineering, and public services, physically attending work will always be required.

E-commerce and online retailing

COVID-19 has paralysed the on-going activities of daily life. People have been in lockdown and been told to stay home as part of the government’s safety measures. It’s had a devastating impact on many employers and their businesses, but at the same time, it has boosted the E-commerce and online retailing industry. People can sell their goods online and still earn money.  On the other side, it has enabled many customers to fulfill their daily needs using these trusted e-commerce websites. According to Edge by Ascential, UK e-commerce has upgraded the economy from £73.6bn to £78.9bn during this pandemic.  

Professional occupations (account executives and business development)

Professional occupations in the UK, such as managers, directors, and senior officials, are more likely to be adaptive for work from home during this pandemic. The reason lies in its high paying-end. They can earn a massive amount of money on an hourly basis. According to ONS, the median earning for the chief executive and senior officials is about £44.08 an hour and £31.38 an hour for a financial manager. That’s why remote working is more feasible for such professional occupations, and this could be simplified by saying: working from home is more viable for jobs that pay higher hourly wages. Many websites like Zoek offer a lot of job opportunities for job seekers and companies looking for a suitable applicant.

IT and software development industry

The pandemic has outdated almost all the trending jobs that were most in-demand before. With the advancement of technology, more people are shifting toward IT roles. The freelance market is booming because people are learning, developing, and implementing new skills to make the most out of their free time. The majority of people find this job more convenient to work from home compared to others. Software engineers are developing new apps and software’s that could be beneficial for companies as well as users to overcome the stress of the pandemic. Companies are hiring web designers online and paying them a reasonable amount for redesigning their websites. This type of job has the benefit of being highly flexible and adaptable, making web design and web developing an increasingly popular and competitive sector to when it comes to starting your career.