Blond is the most complex colour, but it is incredibly attractive. It is worth recognizing that every girl, at least once in her life, thought about colouring her hair in blond. What stops many of them on the way to that colour? 

The reason is that healthy blond locks seem to be an unattainable dream for any beauty who brightens her hair. Choose effective hair bleaching product that has a gentle effect on the hair is not so simple. You have to try many options before you are lucky enough to choose the right composition. To remove colour from the structure of the hair, a hair bleaching product lifts the scales of the lock, penetrates inside, oxidizing the natural or artificial pigment. 

Therefore, it is better to carry out the procedure together with a specialist who will monitor the work of the bleaching product and properly protect the hair with care components and additives. The final effect is pretty individual since each of us has our own set of pigment in the hair. Usually, it is possible to bleach the hair in one session only in the case of light brown hair. Darker hair will have to be processed several times. 

Despite the folk and natural ways of bleaching the hair that you can find on the Internet, only products based on hydrogen peroxide and ammonia or other oxidizing agents can discolour hair. Manufacturers mix these substances because individually they can act unstably and lighten slowly. The only hair bleaching product on the market that is used in salons is r as it bleaches hair to the maximum level. Consists of granules of different sizes. In addition to this, the market offers us brightening dyes which in comparison with the main palette, contains an increased amount of ammonia.

Bleaching Powder is the only one hair bleaching product on the market that is used in salons by the professionals since it can discolour hair to the maximum level.

How to prepare hair for bleaching?

Since bleaching is a rather rough procedure, it is important to prepare hair well before it, especially if your hair is not in good condition hair bleaching product can dry your hair. To prevent this, start using products such as serums or leave-in creams 2-3 times a week two weeks before you plan to bleach hair in case of healthy hair, and go through the month repair complex in case of damaged hair. Buy a good comb. It is best to choose from natural materials, metal scallops can greatly damage the structure of the locks. For the period of preparation of hair, sulfate-free and alcohol-free hair products are your best friends. 

Follow these recommendations to make your dreams about healthy blond hair become true!