Every person around the world is going through a difficult phase. The coronavirus pandemic means no school, no social events, no friends, and never leaving your house without a face mask or antiseptic. Due to the lockdown, many of us are stuck far away from home and aren't even with our family members or loved ones. As many people have set a lot of plans for what to do in their lives, everything has come to a stand still. 

Once lockdown restrictions are lifted, many will be jumping at the chance to welcome guests back into their house for a fun food-filled evening. Parties are all about having fun, lots of food, decorating your house, celebrating and spending time with your close ones. However, throwing a dinner party might be a challenging task, but not if you are fully prepared! Instead of fearing a lull during the party, keep your cool, and load up on these four ideas on how to bring a happy smile on your guests' faces and spice up the soiree.

Think Outside The Box

So, if you have decided to throw a dinner party, first and foremost, congratulations, and hope you will have a great time! Start with making a guest list and sending out invitations way before the date of the dinner party. Otherwise, you might end up spending time all by yourself. 

Next, you need to pick a theme and determine whether this is going to be a formal or casual party. For example, you can choose a masquerade ball or commedia dell' arte theme for a formal dinner or 70′s disco, 80′s retro, or 90′s pop theme for a casual one. However, don't panic if you don't have enough seating. Take some blankets and pillows and arrange them on the floor, making it part of the theme. As an alternative, you can set up a multi-blanketed picnic area with lanterns in the backyard to create an under the stars party if the weather permits.

Also, try to delve into a party planning and think about little things like background music, lighting candles, bringing natural flowers and placemats on a table. Arrange your party playlist and decoration accordingly with the chosen theme to make a full-party atmosphere and welcome your guests with a special home's entrance.

Host A Dating Dinner Party

Have you always thought that your friend Dayo and Charlie from work would be a good match? Combine your matchmaking wishes and culinary skills through hosting a dinner party for a group of your most eligible singletons. Be it speed dating, blind dating or whatever format you wish; this idea is certainly going to spice up the evening. 

If you are already in a monogamous relationship, then either invite your partner or take pleasure in being the host. Perhaps devise some ice-breaking challenges for the beginning of the evening so that your single friends can defuse any awkwardness. Later, move onto questionnaire exercises guaranteed to get your guests more acquainted with one another. 

Infuse Your Dishes With CBD Oil
CBD oil
is sweeping the nation as a great remedy to ease symptoms of pain, anxiety, and stress. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant and holds no addictive or psychoactive qualities that will get you high. Instead, it promises to put you in a good mood. Serving CBD infused dishes at your dinner party is a great way to explore the product with friends, as well as making for a unique dining experience. 

In recent years CBD has proliferated itself into mainstream consumer products. It's not hard nowadays to find products such as CBD coffee, hummus and chocolates in restaurants, cafes and supermarkets. With extensive online resources on how to cook with CBD, you can easily transform any dish, from salads to cheesecakes with small droplets of CBD oil. Follow a recipe to ensure you put just the right amount of CBD in the mix and get ready to open your mind to new possibilities.

Of course, do check with your guests prior to the evening if they would be happy to try CBD products. If you're given to go ahead, then expect to be asked for the recipes afterwards!

Organise Cocktail Masterclass

In this pandemic, malls, restaurants, bars, and cafes are shut. Therefore, how about turning your party cocktail masterclass at home? Get all of your friends to get creative and try out their own cocktails. You can find plenty of ideas on YouTube for homemade cocktails where even professional mixologists are sharing their expertise online. Pick a video, watch and experiment along together, and then admire each person's creations.

In case you or your friends aren't into alcohol cocktails, you and your guests can try to do different homemade beverages such as lemon ice tea, banana smoothies, shakes or mocktails. Make sure to add a creative touch to your drink with a lime wedge, celery stalk, salt rim, or cucumber - anything feels fancy and tasty with a garnish.