An essay is a writing of 3-5 pages in volume, where a student reveals his or her own point of view on a certain issue. The text is characterized by a circular structure. At the beginning of the text hypotheses are put forward, the main part contains a thesis statement and arguments to prove it. In the end, one should formulate the proof of the hypothesis based on the already proven thesis.

Because of the small volume of the essay, it is unreasonable to see into broad questions, so the topic is usually specific and narrow. It is a mistake to call as essay a small freestyle work, that comprises the opinion of the author.

An essay is characterized by:

1. The presence of the author's point of view, his or her own critical analysis of the evidence and situation. It is forbidden to just copy the text of a book or an article, it is important to reflect what has been read, to evaluate it with regard to refutation or proof of the thesis statement.
2. Logical and clear proof of the thesis. For each thesis, it is recommended to put forward not one, but two arguments. If you write more, the text will become overloaded.
3. Brevity of feed. Due to volume limitations, information is processed and presented in a concise, yet understandable way.
4. The presentation of conclusions. The aim of the writing is to draw the author's own conclusions. Do not limit yourself by only enumerating the proven arguments at the end.
5. The presence of footnotes with the materials used while writing. It helps to prevent plagiarism and makes the arguments compelling.

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