You are probably well aware of where it is cheaper to buy groceries. However, it is much more difficult to find a good place to purchase household chemicals and cosmetics. One of the easiest options to buy the mass market goods is to visit your local supermarket or pharmacy. They may differ from state to state, but the assortment often coincides in most positions. Today, we will talk about Walgreens and discuss what it can offer to clients.

Assortment at Walgreens

The store is divided into several sections – food, clothes, toys, medicines, products for children, household chemicals, cosmetics, etc. You can start from learning the assortment of the whole store or simply check Walgreens ads on to better understand the range of goods and price policy.

1)     Pharmacy

In this section, you can buy medicines, vitamins, and nutritional supplements, including such popular brands as Roc, La Roche-Posay, Avene, or Vichy. Without a prescription, you will only be sold some vitamins and common medicines. Otherwise, you should call a doctor, get a prescription, and make a purchase. In general, it is advisable to buy some medicines in advance.

2)     Hair Treatment

This store has an impressive number of shampoos, styling products, and all sorts of hair treatment goods. Here you can find mass-market goods such as Pantene, Garnier, or L’Oréal. Moreover, here you can find the Walgreens products of various volumes – from small to huge bottles. You can also find goods by Aussie, Bumble&Bumble, Clairol, Conair, Dove, Joico, Paul Mitchell, Redken, Tigi, Tresemme, etc.

3)     Hands, Feet, and Nails

For these body parts, you can buy various care products of different mass-market brands. You can find Broadway Nails, Sally Hansen, OPI treatment items for nails, as well as home-made spa items by Burt's Bees, Tweezerman, Wet&Wild, Feet first SPA, etc.

4)     Face and Body Care

This section is also very diverse and the shelves are full of bottles and jars. Many familiar brands are widely presented here. Of course, there are the usual L’Oréal, Garnier, Lumene, Dove, Clean & Clear. However, the list of brands is much wider and includes many interesting products by Aveeno, Yes to Vegetables, Neutrogena, Olay, St. Ives, and others.

5)     Travel Kits

For the convenience of travelers, there is a large stand with tools in small containers – toothpaste, shampoos, deodorants, creams, body products. You can take any of them with you on vacation or just to try. There are also many goods for safe tanning. You can find a variety of options – oils, lotions, creams, sprays with a variety of protection factors up to 100SPF.

6)     Decorative Сosmetics

Many brands presented at Walgreens will be familiar to you – L’Oréal, Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel, etc. However, there will be also something new – CoverGirl, Neutrogena, Almay, Ecotools, Freshminerals, and other brands. The choice here is really diverse: concealers and powders of various manufacturers, lipsticks and mascaras, pencils and liners. However, there are not always testers or they could not always be easily identified.

7)     Eco-friendly Goods

The creators of the store are seeking to accustom everyone to a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and organic products. You can buy 100% organic products at Walgreens online that provide 100% natural health and beauty, including cosmetics, perfumes, and natural detergents that are difficult to find elsewhere.

How to Save at Walgreens

Of course, you need to remember that each retailer has its own loyalty program, which is beneficial for locals. Interesting promotions take place at Walgreens from time to time, so follow the recent updates on the official website. You can also check the opportunities to get some free stuff from Walgreens and enjoy the benefits of provided offers.

Use promo-codes and get a discount on a variety of goods. Just show your promo or coupon to the cashier along with the loyalty card and get a discount. You can find such a code on the website or leaflets. In some of them, you will find a nice bonus – your personal promotional code for a discount.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Walgreens provides a big number of goods to its customers nationwide. Using all the opportunities for savings, you can significantly reduce the average cost of your purchase. So, follow the latest news and promos to take advantage of your shopping. This will probably help you save for more pleasant things. Good luck!