Bikini is an attractive two-piece swimsuit that has gone from being outrageous to gaining mainstream acceptance. The well-shaped triangular pieces of fabric on both top and bottom cover the breasts and pelvis, making the body attractive. Beach vacations and parties are not even complete without ladies being dressed in bikinis.

The two-piece swimsuit is perfect for sun tanning and gives women a gorgeous feel. Interestingly, bikinis are now also popular in the iGaming industry, where sexy characters in casino slot games are adorned gorgeously. The graphical designs and presentation of such characters coupled with thematic storylines make slot games fun and enjoyable for slot lovers. 

The origin of bikini

The overtly attractive two-piece swimsuit didn't become popular without a unique story of origin. Bikini is named after the Bikini Atoll- a 23-island coral reef used by the US for the first public testing of the atomic bomb. When Louis Reard, the clothing designer, was designing the bikini, he said he chose to name it bikini because it reserved the same "small but mighty" effect just as the atomic bomb.

Louis Reard designed the bikini in 1946, making it shorter than the type of swimsuits that were popular in those days. He came across the idea at St. Tropez when he went for a vacation in the first summer holidays after the European wars. Louis noticed that most women were not comforted in the swimsuit they wore, rolling up edges of their wears to relish the moment and enjoy the tanning from the sun.

After the experience he had during his vacation, Reard, the French automobile engineer turned clothing designer, decided to create something more comfortable for beach vacations. With his newly found idea, coupled with the shortage of fabrics supply at the time, Louis went on to design two triangles of fabrics that only cover the breasts and pelvis. 

The creation was considered unethical and even outrageous by many. It was even difficult for Louis to get a model to showcase it for him until when he hired a dancer at a nightclub to premier the new swimsuit at an event in July 1946. 

Afterwards, the media houses of that time went agog about the new swimsuit, bikini- with so many letters requesting interviews from Louis Reard. It was gathered that Louis got over 50,000 letters from his fans after his creative swimsuit design started appearing in magazines around the world.

Bikini in today’s world

Over the years, the bikini has climbed slowly to gain mainstream acceptance across the globe. But in its early days, there seemed to be more detractors than lovers of the creative clothing design. Many called it outrageous, scandalous, and a tool in the hands of women to promote indecency. It was so bad that even the Pope at a point harshly jumped on a British beauty pageant for adorning herself in a bikini.   

However, with the stiff resistance put forward by popular Hollywood artistes, the bikini didn't lose its relevance, and it had become more popular today than when Louis Reard first designed it. The allure of bikini is captivating, and women of all races could not but adorn themselves in it for beach vacations and parties.

Moreover, in this modern-day, the bikini is no longer limited to beach parties and vacations again. Bikini is used in the casino industry in both brick and mortar houses and online casinos. For land-based casinos, gorgeous live dealers sometimes adorn themselves in bikinis to look more attractive and keep the gaming table more fun for punters. Simultaneously, characters in casino slot games are often designed with bikini to make the game relatable, depending on its theme.