Your office space should represent your business’ identity. A conceptually consistent design not only benefits your image from the client’s perspective but sets the tone for your employees. Far too often, small business owners neglect this critical factor. 

It makes sense when you think about it. A conformal corporate environment will lend itself to abject professionalism. On the other hand, a tech startup could benefit from arcade machines and funky indoor water fountains like those at, as this would be conducive to an environment that speaks to creativity and out of the box thinking. 

The devil is in the details as they say, and getting the tone wrong could affect your business negatively, so let’s take a look at our top pro tips.

Reflect Your Industry in Your Office design
When starting with the interior design of your office space begin by asking what it is that you do, and in that industry, what it is that sets you apart. This is how you decide on a theme. When we say theme, in this context, we don’t mean like nautical or Hawaiian. 

We mean the conceptual backbone that will inform the design throughout your office space. You want to consolidate things like materials, colours and finishings. Ideally, if you have a modern brand, you may want to reflect by going for a minimalist feel. 

Alternatively, if you are in the creative industry, having striking and visually stimulating design details will create a subliminal emphasis on what your company represents. List, compare and plan for all of the details that will run throughout the premises.

Lighting Changes Everything
Too often an afterthought, subject to mere practicality, the lighting solutions you choose make all the difference to any environment. It isn’t simply a matter of ‘is it bright enough’. A stark fluorescent lighting scheme will leave the most beautifully decorated area looking cold and harsh. 

Think of ways to use lighting to emphasise design. You could bring attention to a set-piece or perhaps a logo installation by utilising a contrasting light source. You can measure colour temperature with an app on your phone, and just by alternating the colour profiles of light sources, you can create new depth and contrast without compromising visibility.

Open Spaces Up to Inspire Collaboration
The bullpen should be allocated to history and remain only in the realm of terrible eighties rom-com; no more cubicles. Not only are these depressing to look at, but they are proven to reduce employee productivity and foster poor working relationships.

You need to take a look at your office space and plan to encourage collaboration and communication between staff members. By designating separate work areas with intelligent, nuanced decor choices and utilising different colour schemes, you can maintain practical clarity while fostering a positive, interactive working environment.

Keep In Mind
It is worth mentioning that you should avoid leasing or purchasing an office space before you have a clear understanding of what you want, the result to be. There are some inherent limitations that an area may suffer that will hamper your ability to realise your vision entirely.